Government sent me some money and I did my duty and pumped a little of it back into the economy. I'll be painting my house this year and the rental cost of a pressure washer would be about half the price of a new one... so...This one produces about 3100psi.


Aloe oil and denatured alcohol is a formula I found on the net. Rubbing alcohol is the same thing but with water added. You can look up the proportions or experiment (strength) to fit your taste. I haven't figured out if it's cheaper yet but I'm betting it is.
Anyway, here it is if you wish to make your own.


We average a tad of snow about every 4 years here. It doesn't compare to others' but we go a little crazy when we see the white stuff.


Since this hurricane hit Wales, I was wondering if anyone on the other side of the pond was affected by it?


Headed toward Florida. Here we go again. This one has the highest sustained winds of any hurricane in the Atlantic in recorded history. Around 185 mph. Gonna be nothing left of Florida


We're fairly wiped out here in Houston.
We'll rebuild but it's gonna take awhile.


A few days ago, I couldn't get into the internet. This popped up as the problem. I had never experienced this problem before and didn't even know what it was.
With the help of a friend's laptop, we were able to fix the problem.
I never did find out what causes it other than the 'help' page telling me "It happens"


Idiots will be blasting away, once again. I have decided to protect myself come midnight. This suit is slightly used (good price). It was not .50 cal. proof but should be ok for neighborhood gunfire.




Loser goes into the dinner pot


Company tells it like it is!


Ohio man was put to rest on his 1967 Harley. The son had to buy extra plots because of the size of the plexiglas casket. A steel rod was used to hold him up.


Something new from the U.K.


I accidently touched one of these little suckers last week. I was straightening the little tree and the fuzzy quills stuck in between two fingers. 15 minutes later, my fingers swelled up, and hour later the pain was all the way to my arm pit. Three days later, I could use my hand. Ice is the only treatment. Otherwise, one just toughs it out.

Today I see two of them getting ready to make more. It hurts so good!


I had always thought the basic flower of this Lilly was the white leaf and what was inside...turns out the flower is hundreds of tiny blooms (maybe not hundreds) on the stem or stylix (spelling). It had just rained and this made for an interesting shot.


Tried to get a good picture but couldn't get close enough to keep him from running. He is brown, right now, but the white junk on him is puzzling.


Right in time for the U.K. making an exit. Just bought the DVD today and it's worth the watch. Lotta action and killing. Mainly about saving the Pres. but the movie gives ample time to the Brits.


It has rained about 5 out of the last 7 days but the flowers certainly like it.


Cute and deadly found in the Amazon River this little fella swims up inside the penis (should you decide to piss in the river) and imbeds itself. Takes an operation to remove it..Ouch! They can actually swim up a pee stream if you're standing on the bank. Some have been found to be 6" long.


Saw this on a news item. Could be a real monster or the Ruskies are trying to get a look at the Queen Mum.


A mere 13 billion buck-a-roos and will hit the open seas this month. 4500 men, 75 planes and a lot of shitters.


Ever been here, Grim?


Just a suggestion here but you guys across the pond might give some thought to up-grading your Navy just a bit.


The photographer is well known in Europe (doesn't matter who he is) but a simple photo of a potato auctioned for over a million bucks the other day. Grab your camera, J.C. Grab your cameras Grim and Sideways. There's money to be made outside in the garden.


Newscaster should be concerned


I think 50 yrs. ago the cell phone hit the market (don't quote me on that). Motorola offered it to the consumer for a mere $4000.00!


Sometimes you wonder what set the problem in motion.


More and more I'm experiencing problems with lock-ups where the page goes into 'fuck-mode'. It takes forever for a page to load (commercials) and when clicking thru a slide page presentation, it'll re-open in a new tab because of IE problems. Today, it just decided to fuck itself and go blank. The task manager is always a solution but I'm getting sick and tired of having to deal with it. I am hard-wired (not wireless) and there's another computer (in the back room) connected to my router. My landlord uses her lap top hooked to my router. I have no more info to give you for a solution...Help!


Well .... There go all those face-lifts you guys had signed up for. Or, was it butt-lifts?