Smiling again

Humans seem to have the worst teeth design of any animal. We have incredible brains and bodies but our teeth are fucking shit!?! I hope things improve for you soon.

I've also noticed that my belly only gets bigger and never smaller regardless of any dieting. WTF is up with that!?! XD

So I'm selling my house and buying another...

I'm taking a day of house hunting today because my brain is so overwhelmed by it. I think I need to start trying to find particular areas I'd like to live in and find properties in those areas, but right now I'm looking at a general area of probably 100 miles by 100 miles :/

It's a bit dry

It's always one extreme or the other these days :/

Thankfully the past couple of days for me have been gentle showers and no crazy rain like some areas have had.

From 5.1 to 2.1 = less is more

Oh wow, and I thought 400 euro was a lot, lol. But I don't have a receiver.. yet.

Nope, no, not happening!

Mr PiPi was in the most recent South Park special from a couple of months ago too. South Park: The Streaming Wars. And there was a new Beavis and Butthead movie that was pretty good too!

The remaining..

It's kinda sad watching them go one by one :/

RIP Nichelle Nichols

Yarp :/

Shit is getting more and more expensive

You lead! 'only' 11,6% here

Sleepy kitty

>>37895 We mustn't let the cats see this or we're doomed!

Most of Europe for the next few days...

I agree, we should start living underground and enjoy the constant temperature down there :)

Seriously though we will need changes to how we live in the decades ahead :/

RIP Bernard Cribbins

I absolutely love this guy. He was such an important part of my childhood. The world is a poorer place without him in it. Absolute legend!

RIP David Warner

I've enjoyed so many things he's been in. He'll be missed.

Sanatorium admission

You mean I can get a free room with meal and drugs provided all the time??! I'll post it around, maybe my downstairs neighbor will be brought in ;)

A very expensive hovercraft

I haven't been able to fly it yet but when I do I'll find you and let you know :D

Redneck Engineering

>>37876 Yikes!

Searching for a new job

Yeah, sadly he'll be around until September so he can still do plenty more damage to the country.

And sadder still the next PM is likely to be just as bad if not worse :/

Old Lady or Muppet ?

Ex-pm of Japan, Abe, assasinated..

This seems pretty crazy. I don't Japanese politics well enough to know if Abe was someone who caused great hardship to certain people in that society, but still pretty crazy.

It's confirmed it was a home made gun.

RIP James Caan

I was kind of surprised by this one, I hadn't realised he was that old already. Maybe that's a sign I'm getting old :(

Fuck Logitech!

Damn, that's some Apple marketing. And shameful that it doesn't ship with the receiver.

PS: Since when does a business keyboard need a smiley over the F7 Function key?

PPS: The only Logitech devices that lasted with me is the wired G600 mouse and one of the two MX ergo's. All other crapped out.


Finally, 'cause he was at it since the 90's, but never too late I guess.

The rare and beautiful

Yeah, I remember reading about it in a car magazine. It's the expensive brother of the Toyota IQ in 2008, about 3 times the price at 30.000 pound, yet still having the same 1.3L inline-four, 97 hp, engine.

A gift to humonkind

Now now, is that how you welcome our robot overlords?


pff, live life like it's the last thing you do! ..something those Swedes probably thinking.

2 days of heat ...already

>>37845 Oof! That's warm :/

IE will not be missed

At home yes, unfortttunately at work we have MS Office & Outlook

29C and sunny yesterday. 13C and rainy today :/

..I'll give you the benefit of doubt..

It's a wasps nest. Honestly!

I see it was a cold day

This image is too large! Upload something smaller!

>>37833 Nice!

Don't get too close

Posh little cunts!

I'm happy for Liz, 70 years in any job is impressive I guess. But I couldn't give a fuck about the Royal family or any of that elitist bullshit.