Finally it's cold!

>>38536 salt and sand and beet juice. The salt is criminal though with all the damage it does to our vehicles. All good today though, temps 70f over the next two days, then temps drop again and it's predicted that we get more snow.

Shit, I forgot something

Happy Birthday JC!

Mr Bean is Hitman

Wow! That's amazing XD


I hate to think how that police office would react if he was near a coconut tree when one dropped off. He'd probably call in a nuclear strike XD


Sadly calls like this are very common in the UK. It's our own fault for invading India years ago :/

Fembot fantasy

He ain't looking for skin, JC, he looking at structure, at the smooth panels, and thinking of the processor, and those tight servo's! ;)

Bug infested woods

This sounds kind of familiar

A new hobby
RIP Carl Weathers
A dress worn by Queen Victoria in her later years

>>38519 I too love cake. This and that


Happy new year! Welcome to 2024

Brexit Facepalm!
Tis a bit wet this December

It's been much the same here. Very windy and plenty of rain too :/

We seem to get a new storm every week lately.

It's looking like it might go a bit cooler and drier here from Monday.

Frank is the Last of us

that was nicely done

Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS FTW!!!

This might be useful:

Your UPS probably has a command line network interface like SSH or Telnet. Look in the manual for something like that. You might then have a way to get notifications from it. Then you can run a simple script that would shut down the PC if needed.

Working with Wine/Proton is a little weird, but think of it that each instance, install, is it's own version of windows and so needs an install of the game launcher and the game. Sometimes you can use the same Wine/Proton instance for multiple games so the launcher is only installed once. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Happy X-mas

Happy birthday! ;)

Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS

I haven't experienced that. It could be down to a hidden windows bootloader or maybe a UEFI/BIOS setting.

Linux is far from perfect, but it isn't Windows so that's good enough for me! XD

Charlie, Absorber of the Sun and Guardian of the Stairs.

>>38463 The netting was black with gold sparkly bits on it. I guess it was 'decorative' but it was fugly and had to go.

Leather daddy

>>38457 I don't even want to date him let alone get kinky with whips with him! :S

UK Covid Enquiry

It's hard to find a decent politician :/

The sauce

Sorry to hear #that

The Talos Principel 2: just an awesome game

It does look pretty sweet.

However I not sure it's GOTY, sure Starfield has that in the bag! XD

mmm...insert next coin

It's good to see such a massive cunt removed from humanity :)

Fuck Asus

Sounds like you're having so much fun! :S

Hopefully the fucking thing settles down and just continues to work.

The faces of Starfield

The starborn ship is fast and has decent weapons and shields, but you can't do anything with it. It's pretty dumb. I'll probably add some ship building mods soon and build something decent. There is a luxury habs mod that allows you to add empty habs and then decorate them like you can with the building you can buy in cities. There another that allows you to add doors where you want them!

I think a modular space station would be cool too but those mods look a but hit and miss so far.

I see the game is on sale now as well, 20% off! I also see on that more people are playing skyrim than starfield currently XD

Don't Dead Open Inside

It feels like some kind of money laundering scam or something!

I'd play it

Sweet! Now we sell the development rights to the Gollum games devs XD

27777 3338822255

Time for an upgrade?

I'm afraid to ask how I should use this saddle :D