Star Trek Picard

Picard, Seven of Nine & Data! Sweet!!! :D
Now we just need Beverley Crusher and I'm hooked XD

The witcher tv serie

They're not wrong :D



AMD Chopin (v2)

Nice! It's a sweet little case, well worth bringing back to life.

Bucket list journey

I'll bring some beer to this party!

Ralf Wiggum joins the police force!

I think the standards have dropped, massively, over the years. It's much the same in the UK now too. My dad was refused his application for the police force in the 1950's for being 1/2" too short! These days we have obese officers who wouldn't be able to chase a criminal without having a heart attack :S

Remap the left |\ key to another shift key

0dd indeed. That being said the older software is a bit iffy. My Logitech racing wheel and pedals (2004-ish) were and are a pita to setup properly, like getting the full 360 degree rotation to work.

Honestly though, I haven't seen any program that worked flawlessly out-of-the-box.

The council; a detective game

Sounds cool, I might buy it :D


It took a bit longer than expected but I made a new design, this time somewhat smaller.
length x width x height: 50 x 120 x 40 mm
However I have no idea how to insert a cut-out for the display or a cut-out for the cable. But you guys may fiddle with my design.
Also I have no idea on how to attach the sides together, glue would be easiest (and I have plenty) but screws or other methods would/could be handier.
Last bit would be shipping which might be the biggest cost. Let me know if you need anything.

I'll put the link here: (ps the site is free, although you do need an account to download designs)

How's the weather on the other side?

ugh, so high humidity.

Funny nonsense game; My friend Pedro

Gonna kill me some ISP's!

Can you name them all?

And last for today is the warrior Xena!

Veronica Mars returns..

She's 39 now, so yes I imagine she will still play a teen. Just like the old granny that played a teen in the original 90210 :D

That placement :D

I agree! :D

Raspberry Pi Q&A

>>35556 Interesting, most chips these days will protect themselves from over voltage problems, but cheaper devices tend to be the ones lacking such safety measures.
Seeing as the next Pi upgrade is likely still a year away I wonder if we'll see a minor version upgrade to fix the problem.

My only 3B+ is currently in use as my print server connected to the 3D printer. I decided not to use it for the web server because it consumes a fair bit more power for virtually no performance increase. I'll probably switch the web server to the Odroid N2 soon as it seems to be running well.

Cyberpunk 2077


Coming this Fall....Jerry Springer is Judge Jerry!

September 9th, 2019

The G13 replacement is..


Elgato Streamdeck

>>35535 It would be complicated to make one. Each key would need a tiny LCD and microprocessor to control the LCD. That amounts to a shit-ton (that's a technical term for a lot) of work for a full keyboard. At some point some enterprising company will produce a tiny LCD with the all the controller electronics built in for a good price and perhaps then it'll be possible. Making a Streamdeck like device like yours would be simpler and not too difficult.


>>35514 And don't forget you need the display that's only $5,999 and the stand at £999! :/

Have a seizure

When is that fucking idiot going to finish fitting that panel!
And stop shaking it around you stupid fuck!!! :D


The Chernobyl mini-series on HBO currently is very good, but I think it's only going to be 5 episodes.

I liked the ending of GoT, I think it got it about right.


>>35490 Wow! This is the most accurate Lego set ever! :D


There is a guy that does GTAV role playing on twitch who has a character that wears robes like that except he is a complete psychopath :D

My first AMD in years

>>35484 Possibly. People have had Crysis running on Linux and Android, so with a lot of work it might work to some degree.

Just got a new toy... the Odroid N2

Neat! It looks like a tiny server rack.

Firefox atm

Looks like a full fix in now available in a version update, and on android too :)

It wouldn't be Christmas without the creepy twins XD

>>35463 Should be fixed

Open For Business Again - Hopefully :D

>>35453 I think it's just the way the browser displays it and nothing wrong with the page. There is quite a lot of dynamically injected data in the pages which saves having to update every page each time a comment is made. I think may be why it looks weird.

Initially the site was growing about 1 to 2 Gb a year but it's a bit slower now. It would be no problem to expand storage in the future if it needed it. The database that holds all the thread and comment data can also easily work with much more data.


If only that worked on Facebook :D