The faces of Starfield

Already have a couple; different 120fps interface, better walk/jog/run speeds, less spongy enemies, crafttable ammo, Better lighting, more reactors on ships, and a few more.

What's the time again, Merlin?

I agree, but I'd prefer to keep the summer time to keep an extra hour of light at the end of the day.

Blargh! It's sp humid :/

Same here! We're expecting thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and then things will cool down a bit thankfully.

One of the lovely chimneys on my new house...

It is, but I can't really see it until the scaffolding is taken down on Monday or Tuesday.

F-4 Phantom droptank kill

Oof! We call it Turkey :)

Do you need a toiletpaper holder?

I like the idea but I'm not sure Charlie will be convinced

We're Back!

I'm paying £27 a month for 72Mbps Down & 19Mbps Up. I did get a letter through the door saying full-fibre is now available through some private company but I think you have to pay to get it installed, plus a higher monthly cost. I don't really need the extra speed that much.

*Checks To-Do List* Next is... ...Everything.

Finally got my replacement wheel!

Height adjustable makes it a great choice. Your set up is looking sweet. I imagine it'll work nicely with VR.

Moving The Server...

>>38334 It's packed in a box :/


And 5 stars by GTA standard

Reliable weather station

Domoticz works well on Raspi. I have it running on a Raspi 4B 4Gb at the new house currently and on an Odroid N2 4Gb at the current house.

You should be able to find a 433Mhz RF receiver to work with a raspi without too much trouble. The cheap RF modules normally used with arduinos will work directly with the raspi IO ports. Alternatively you can look for a USB or wifi RF receiver.

This link sounds similar to what you're wanting:


>>38305 It's wild what our politicians can get away with. It's almost as though they make the laws... ...Oh wait!

Off-road Corvette

I bet it would be a lot of fun on a rallycross track. Could probably do with a little lift and rally car style suspension.


Sadly the UK government is very happy for the big oil and gas companies to fuck over consumers. We just learned the biggest gas provider in the UK has profits this year that are 9 times higher than the year before!?! It's total bullshit.

I got permission to build my workshop :)

Are you going to insulate it? - Yes, definitely in the walls and roof, maybe in the floor too under the concrete.

The foundation is a concrete slab 100mm thick, except at the edges it'll be 200mm thick.

No luck selling the old house yet, but the housing market is fairly slow currently. I'm probably going to move to the new house soon, next month. It'll give me a chance to start fixing up the house and it'll be cheaper too.

A bit late but hooray!

>>38282 I hope not XD

Best use of AI so far

Yeah they do XD
But I also notice there seems to some repetition in the chat from certain user names that the AI's mention from time to time. I have a feeling the people running the AI are also running some chat-bots for the AI's to interact with. I think though this is to keep the AI's on a safe subject matter rather than allowing the real chat to get the AI's to say all sorts of crazy offensive shit!

Not a fan

Looks like some kind of spanking device for the bedroom XD

Hold my beer..
Probably too soon

Yep :S

There are many non-gaming uses for controllers, even in the military, but why the fuck use a Logitech F710. I've had 2 of that controller and can conclude it was shit.

Also why wouldn't they have used a usb controller to avoid any wireless issues!?! Of course as it turns out that was the least shitty idea they had. The more I read about Stockton Rush and his company the more I knew they were all dead before we had it confirmed! I'm pretty sure we will see OceanGate sued out of existence.

At least the French have it worse


mmm...insert next coin

Berlusconi was a real piece of shit. Good riddance!

I could do this too..

I assume it was around this time that the camera operator shit themselves. XD

Incredible level of skill to fly a plane this low.


I hear what you're saying, the speed and precision is very impressive, I just like the autonomy part more.

I found this in my new house

>>38235 It's pretty tiring! I'm more or less on top of the garden at the new place, it was very overgrown.

I'm slowly working on my plans to improve the place and checking on what permissions I need.

The housing market in the UK has been very slow the last couple of months but thankfully it seems to be picking up again. I have some people coming on Wednesday to take a look, but you never know if they'll make an offer to buy or not.

Hopefully soon the current house will sell and I can get on with life! XD

I see you

Happy Piku!

That looks like a… Johnson, do you see that?

>>38201 You'd probably tell it differently, like it was a giant iceberg that the helmsman didn't see..

Drugs are bad, m'kay?

That tyre is so low profile you can't see it over the rim XD

I bet this guy will drive on it to a tyre shop and expect them to fit a new tyre on his destroyed rim! Then drive off again because he thinks he's being ripped off when they tell him he needs a new wheel too! :D

MX Ergo Surgery

I checked on youtube to see if anyone had taken one apart and found all I needed. I would have just figured it out myself anyway.