How are we all doing?

>>36178 Foot traffic is up, so much so that the sidewalks and walking paths could be considered congested at times. Motor traffic is less so. When this all started, the streets were empty and you rarely saw any others out. This past weekend, I ventured out to retrieve some lawn equipment from storage and noticed that the traffic volume was up. Not to it's normal levels mind you, but there are definitely more folks out for a drive than I may deem "Essential".

The Queen

She's always been a fan of heavy metal!

It's Time For Lockdown!

>>36174 Well I guess it's a bit more serious than the government wanted to let on, he's now in ICU.

Home made

Chocolate sunflower bread sounds pretty nice, I'll have to try it out.

Flapjacks are crunchy but you can make them soft too.

My veggy garden is a bit overgrown currently but I do have some lettuce and radishes grown in containers in my conservatory :)


Is this a leaked story board for It part 3? :D

A must have!

Wow! 8O

So far..
Hoshi 2003 - 2020

>>36157 She will, and then she'll throw them up on cat gods rug for him to clean up while she snoozes by the fire!

Steam Custom Library background

Cool, I didn't know this. I'll take a look.

Animated Gif Thread

So much floof :D

Enough is enough

>>36148 Or I could offer some of my underwear collection

This. Why?

>>36140 Euro 95 is € 1.45 per liter :(

Normally we fill up in Belgium but the country is in full lock down and won't allow ANY foreigners anymore. Price there is €1.21/liter.


Or a meme world ;)

Home Made Sanitized

Wow. That stuff seems a tad strong. Hydrochloric acid may be a better choice. The formula I found also mentioned glycerin but the aloe may be better on your hands.. maybe a little of both.
The vodka would be good to drink... right before you die, I suppose.


>>36137 I'm not sure if it's obvious (*cough* brexit *cough*) but most British people are cunts! However it should be noted they lack the depth and warmth.

They aren't here anymore.

They left along with the Whales and the Petunias


If you have a big room to spare, than maybe this one is nice too:


>>36125 Yowza! Coming and going all in one stop!

Jurassic Life game

Just call it a parody. A free parody.

It'sa coming!

>>36116 Maybe the Chinese should divert some of their military funds to refrigeration in the wet markets.. Naw. That ain't gonna happen. 20 million deaths there wouldn't even make a dent in their population. They're starving anyway. Hence, the wet markets.

Rule 34

So wholesome :)

I can too

>>36094 Cool! I wonder if they do a moon duvet cover :)

HD moon

I didn't see Lunatics in real life, only on tv but it could've been politicians..

RIP Max von Sydow (1929–2020)

He knew what was coming so he bailed out prematurely.

Can't wait

It looks like a great project and nicely done. I'm not really in to FPS games but this does look pretty sweet and £15 is pretty good price for such a reimagined classic. Maybe...

Ugh! Sometimes I hate technology

I have a friend who recommended that show to me ages ago but I haven't got around to watching yet. I guess I should :D

Server Switched - Some Things May Not Work!?!

added to my chain mailing list ;)

The gaming bed

Sweet! I might have to get one of those :)

Little Side Project - Re-using A Laptop Touchpad

No, a RsaPi has an arm processor similar to a mobile phone but and Arduino is just a micro-controller with a similar processing power to something like a ZX Spectrum from 1982. It's not intended to run an operating system or anything like that but they can do a remarkable amount of stuff with a few add ons. LED lighting, Temperature controls or weather stations, Wifi or Ethernet devices like IoT or a simple web servers, LCDs with touchscreens and a ton of other stuff too :D

Got a mobile gaming rig!

Nice! I like the Asus ROG laptops.
As you've found out gaming on battery is a bit of a none starter. You'll probably find it limited your frame rate to 30fps too to try and keep going for longer like my Alienware does.
Now you can enjoy lounging on the sofa while gaming :)