Merlins-Bar gets Encryption!

Old thread, new question.

I recently had an issue with my NAS which meant I couldn't access it anymore. Luckily I made backups so it wasn't that painful.
So after a fresh build I noticed the NAS has an EXCLAMATION MARK on the lock in the address bar, which is due to the Synology certification. Shit's not safe, yo.
And on external networks it doesn't display the name rather the IP-address. Is this because of the SSL certificate?

Now my question is can I just get a Let's Encrypt certificate for my NAS?

Steal, pillage, and rob as much as you can..

Luckily AdBlock or the likes exist.

Goodbye G13, Hello Stream deck

I created another task (not a basic) and windows claims it works but it doesn't.
It will start when I right click the scheduled task and run the execute command.

The program works without the Stream Deck program but even with elevated permission
set in task schedule it shows nothing but windows keeps claiming it works.

It was fun for a while but I'm done with this app/program/script.

Thanks for the help though, JesusChrist.

The Cat Thread

At least you won't go hungry ;)


Nice! :D

Tarf II

>>35757 :0 I haven't played Carmageddon in so long, I had forgotten about it. Great basic game....driving cars and causing mayhem!


>>35744 LOL!

3 for all

They do. It's a pity you couldn't get behind the wheel, although I understand why of course.

New case for Ryzen 2600

>>35741>>35742>>35748 lololol


>>35745 I the Laguna Seca track can have that effect in real life too, it's one hell of a drop through the corkscrew!

I'm looking forward to Indycar going back there soon, I just hope the track safety has been improved.

Supposed to look like this

I know copper is quite expensive these days but you have to wonder why it isn't used to start with on the grounds of safety.
When I was doing mechanic work many years ago we always used copper pipe with a plastic sheath on the outside to help protect it from stone strikes etc.

At least once the truck has rotted away you can sell the copper pipe and retire on the money you make back :D


A couple more little touches to my precious. Don't say that out loud in public :D

No Man's Sky Beyond [update]

The fun of this game for me was exploring and now that I've seen it all I can't get too interested in it. It's still possible that in the future an update might make more fun again but I'm not holding my breath.

We get The Outer Worlds first in October, 25th. I'm looking forward to that, it's the only good thing on the horizon in the UK :/

Small issue

You could try switching the fan to a different channel, if possible, to see if it's the fan or the channel that's the problem.

Damn Nature, You Scary!

Very rare bird in the UK. They are starting to grow in number after decades of decline. They typically nest in rocky cliffs but they do sometimes nest in tall trees too. There aren't really any cliffs near me so I guess it must in a tall tree somewhere.

That price cannot be right

>>35661 Holy crap! That is a sweet truck! I wish I hadn't looked at the prices :/

Clippy's new job

Giants vs midgets?

I wasn't sure how it was spelled either. I thought maybe you had it right. XD

The coolest ride in the 30's

>>35650 Nice!
And here's the new (Tesla) Model 3 Donk :/

How's the weather on the other side?

>>35645 Solar panels will be fine to power air con, especially as it's generally sunny when you want to use it. The problem is it will increase the overall amount of power we use so we will need even more solar and wind power than we currently plan for.

There are so many roofs, especially commercial properties, that are perfect for solar but we need a government lead plan to get it happening, and that's where things go wrong :/

RIP Rutger Hauer 1944-2019 :(

Bummer! I love his work, and his commitment to sci-fi.

Star Trek Picard

>>35636 Riker and Diana Troy!

The new Prime Minister of the UK

Same as it is here. Although our current PM is a pussy he seems to be liked. Therefor the people like pussy :)

Celebrating 50 years of whaling on the moon

Me too :(


The witcher tv serie

They're not wrong :D

AMD Chopin (v2)

Nice! It's a sweet little case, well worth bringing back to life.

Bucket list journey

I'll bring some beer to this party!

Ralf Wiggum joins the police force!

I think the standards have dropped, massively, over the years. It's much the same in the UK now too. My dad was refused his application for the police force in the 1950's for being 1/2" too short! These days we have obese officers who wouldn't be able to chase a criminal without having a heart attack :S

Remap the left |\ key to another shift key

0dd indeed. That being said the older software is a bit iffy. My Logitech racing wheel and pedals (2004-ish) were and are a pita to setup properly, like getting the full 360 degree rotation to work.

Honestly though, I haven't seen any program that worked flawlessly out-of-the-box.