RIP Lance Reddick

This is very sad. He seemed like a really nice guy. Way too young :/

City, Provence/State, Country

>>38165 nice! The flag of Wisconsin kinda shows it all, doesn't it?

Hmm. I wonder why the floor joists are rotting...

Still waiting for the old house to sell, but there is one couple very interested they just need a buyer for their house. The housing market is always quiet in winter but it'll pick up soon.

The new house is on hold until the old one sells, but I'm still visiting and doing a few jobs in the house and garden. The floor repairs will probably wait until I live there, but I'll probably do more investigating but taking up some floorboards once the weather is warmer.

Remind me never to get a milkshake at Wendys

No Wendy's where I live, nor 5 guys or white castle. I think I'm safe..for now.

We no longer need to visit Norway or Sweden for this anymore

Good Lord!!! 8)

'improved' hummer?

This is clearly an award winning vehicle :)

On behalf of the British I must also decline...

Even though every male has technically already answered. I'll add that I, speaking for all Dutch males, will clearly and loudly decline too.

Happy birthday, mister!

Thanks guys. Had a nice day out with my sister and great nephew. It was nice not to be dealing with house stuff! :D

Switching Internet Provider Again On The 15th

I didn't notice a thing but I'm busy at Hogwarts, so..

A piece of history at a local Chinese restaurant

They should donate them to a museum :D

I remember when people used to deliver yellow pages and the local phone book and for some reason it was always raining and they would just leave them outside house in the rain! They would end up completely useless :/

I'm getting into religion

At a local DIY hardware store

The Mafia need to buy stuff the same as the rest of us!

The things you can find in Australia

>>38137 Crazy how that happens!

So I'm selling my house and buying another...

>>38130 It's the same thing here but we call it consent and certification.

I got to spend a few more hours at the house investigating over the weekend and uncovered some fairly rotten floor joists. In thins room, the worst affected, 5 of the 8 floor joists are rotting on one end :/

I had hoped it would only be a couple of bad joists but with this many I'll just replace all of them. I'm going to try and keep the original floorboards. When I replace the joists I'll also have an opportunity to insulated under the floor and improve the damp situation too. I might even add underfloor heating.

I'll need to contact building control and get advice on what permissions I need and probably talk to an expert to understand the best way to deal with the damp problem. Until I sell the other house I have limited funds but I'll do as much as I can before I move in.


Ah yes, the 'I never been drunk going up/down the stairs' type. Also that's a really steep staircase, reminds me of home ;)

Stepping Stones of Maritime History

That is cool

Cab down, bed up, that's the way I like to truck

>>38123 That would be sweet!

Poor tv placement

"And this is how Tv's are born"

The perfect cosplay...


YAY welcome to 2023

Happy new year!

Some people who won't see 2023

Some good people in there :/

Sadly we have Ken Block to put on the one for this year.

I'm back

Holy shit Oldballs! That is a sweet collection.

Kenny's killing it

I've seen a few bits of this game and it does look really fun. I'll probably pick it up at some point when it's on offer.

Currently playing Gods of War on PC. It's ok, not open enough for my liking and too much 'souls like' fighting too, but the story, puzzles and adventure are fun.

Cost of electricity per MWh in the EU

ooof. come on over...we are averaging .14 euros/MWh in the midwest

Red flag(s) on a date

Seems like it worked out for them in the end though

Happy Yule or X-mass or whatever makes your cat happy


Well I survived and have an excess of food in the fridge. I am lacking a bit in alcohol though ;)

Christmas will soon be here

Yeah, we have cold weather too. It's snowing as I write this but I doubt I can make an atomically correct snowwoman. People are already skating and I would too, if I knew how and actually want it (I don't).

A seaside toilet in the Bay of Kotor

Unfortunately you have to wait for the summer months to get the blast of hot air to dry you off :/

Fuck My Local Council And Fuck The Government

>>38055 No way! I have a birthmark that looks like 666 on head ;D

Still no response from the council. No surprise :D

Guess the country

>>38049 Fair point. we might need to make a humanitarian mission to save some fine ladies.