Shameless, looking at life worse than mine. I should start watching again.
The 100 is on my 'to-watch list'.


>>35490 Wow! This is the most accurate Lego set ever! :D


For now I hot glued it to the original base, which works okay.

>>35489>>35493 I appreciate that, dear sirs.
I don't know what STEP or STL files are, Oldballs, but I'll look into that.
Atm, money is tight and I need to purchase more pressing matters (glasses, and a washing machine).
But once I get my vacation money I'll measure it and snap a few shots, and then we can all think of a sweet design.


There is a guy that does GTAV role playing on twitch who has a character that wears robes like that except he is a complete psychopath :D

My first AMD in years

>>35484 Possibly. People have had Crysis running on Linux and Android, so with a lot of work it might work to some degree.

Just got a new toy... the Odroid N2

Neat! It looks like a tiny server rack.

Firefox atm

Looks like a full fix in now available in a version update, and on android too :)

It wouldn't be Christmas without the creepy twins XD

>>35463 Should be fixed

Open For Business Again - Hopefully :D

>>35453 I think it's just the way the browser displays it and nothing wrong with the page. There is quite a lot of dynamically injected data in the pages which saves having to update every page each time a comment is made. I think may be why it looks weird.

Initially the site was growing about 1 to 2 Gb a year but it's a bit slower now. It would be no problem to expand storage in the future if it needed it. The database that holds all the thread and comment data can also easily work with much more data.


If only that worked on Facebook :D

My first mixed gin experiment!

A quick glance at twitch shows people will indeed watch anything! :D

Nationaal Militair Museum

There are some others the same, or at least similar, but they don't fly.

39 yo..

>>35436>>35437 Oh, thank you so much Oldballs!

Signs of getting old

>>35390 :(

My week away from home was met with daily pain, cause of shitty quality of the bed and furniture.
But I did enjoy the week.

Veluwe, 2019

Looks like you had a great time.
I see you found my personal hideout! (>>35428)

Then & now (ish)

She's a fine woman for sure!

Crazy April Weather!

well, you have to blame someone.

The 3rd option


Modern day politics

Well, this is the SFW version. The NSFW has screaming and loads of turds..

yes it is


Cinebench R20 scores

Tried the bench on my work PC. It took it's time and got hot but it held it's ground.

>>35371 Maybe with pre-built pc's, mos def with phones and cars ;)

Foobar W10

I just tried making a playlist and got an error message occasionally when adding a track. I just clicked OK and then tried again which usually worked.
I think it's a file access problem rather than a permissions problem. I think the only real fix will be down to the developer.


Is she committing a sexual act with a ghost? :O

Literal translation of Phrases and Sayings

>>35360 indeed

Japan, where else?

We're all fucked now!!! :O

Utrecht Shooting..not near me, still scary.

Luckily they did, the whole city was in lock down. My niece lives about 6 minutes away from where he ditched the car. She was working in Amsterdam at the time and was afraid to go home.
Police are still investigating if this was a terror attack or a 'hit' as the dude did had a trail for rape coming. Bet he was out on bail.
Anyway, if you ask me, he didn't do a good job if it was a terrorist attack. There are far more places with loads of people, like the always busy train station (Centraal Station).
But we will see.

The Dutch prosecutor's office suspects the perpetrator of "Manslaughter with a terrorist intent".
According to Dutch law, the maximum penalty for this offense is life in jail, or a maximum of 30 years in case a life sentence is not sought.

Delete unnecessary contexts from Firefox

Nice find, I'll get right on to it :)

Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Cyclops

Aye aye captain... ...err... ..oops, sorry, but insensitive. :D
Looks pretty cool though :)

Merlin's Bar/Games or work/study?

It is, lots of laws and regulations. And it's not even mandatory..

The only reason why they haven't enslaved us yet..

Humans are the dumbest of all the animals. We rush around doing stuff all the time while they lounge around sleeping and taking it easy!