Merlins Bar now has a UPS!?!

Very nicely done! It looked way bigger in the thumbnail, so the rear puts it in place. ;)

What package problems do you..erm it has?

And when will you test it? So I can open the website 40 times ;)

FPV drone in a Royal Netherlands Navy submarine


Microsoft bought Bethesda

It's hard to know how this will develop but Zenimax & Bethesda where pretty shitty before MS bought them so there's a good chance things will improve.

In a perfect world MS will hand over all the Fallout games to Obsidian to make from now on, but I don't see it really happening.

Big green thingy

I've had Stuffed Baked Marrow many times, but it's probably not very popular these days in the UK.

S-64 Skycrane Helitanker POV

These guys, and their plane counterparts, do a stunning job of dealing with these fires. The skill they have is incredible.

Finally A Company That Understands My Need For USB Ports!

Indeed, it's a pretty capable mobo, but I still probably wouldn't use it in a desktop.

18th Century vibing

It's like something from Harry Potter XD



The VelociPastor (2018)

>>0you can always rely on hookers to provide solid life advice

Mmm..if only this car had a compartment for storage

Alas they don't make those anymore. It could drive as fast in reverse as it could forward, just don't turn the wheel. ;)

Yeah, it's the fob thing. It needs to recognize the key in order to work. Not ideal if you ask me, but I guess that's progress?



RIP Diana Rigg (1938-2020)

It's a shame to see her go, she was a cool lady. Probably most famous for playing Emma Peel in the Avengers (65-68).


Good to hear. Has your work been affected much?
Me and my dad had a 30% decrease of income, so I filed for government assistance.

Archer Season 11 starts the 16th of September

I don't know if it will be the last, season 10 was always claimed to be the end and then they said "we'll keep going as long as we have good ideas". So we'll see how that goes.

Looking forward to this season though.

Looking at you steam

Sadly so true :(

New Nvidia graphics cards are slighty larger

This >>>
I expect I could find a way around it but I don't really have any interest in adding another GPU for my needs anyway.

Ooh, season 2 sneak peak?

Lets hope it's the latter, or perhaps school of the catfish or School of the wolffish?

Microsoft Flight Simulator preview

Giggity giggity goo!

Server Switched - Some Things May Not Work!?!

Wow, I didn't notice. Guess you wrote the perfect code, wow.

2 wishes left

So, a bit taller? One more wish to go.

Geralt winning

Nice mash up!

The Four Horsemen of the 21st Century

I guess I identify more with Death, with a smattering of War

Home made trike

Great fab work. I'm a big fan of bent tubular steel

Holy Shit! The PCI-E 4.0 NVME Drives Are Fast!

>>36566 I'd buy another 970 Evo over a 980 with QLC.

>>36569 Sounds good. The 3080 looks to be the best balance of price and performance, the 3090 seems very expensive. I'll be interested to see if the claim that the 3070 outperforms a 2080ti is true.

I finally caught one!

>>36551 True, the load is tied off on the car roof only.... but... the load will pivot and slide on the trailer bar allowing the car to turn without ripping the load from the car roof.

>>36556 OK. I didn't think of that!!


Spiders, lizards and robots. We're fucked.

Tailgaiting is bad, m'kay

Makes sense but it's still surprising that the back truck chassis went under the front truck. I guess whatever crash protection the back of the front truck had either failed or was missing.

It's common for trucks to slipstream each other to save fuel, but sadly this is what happens if the front truck has to suddenly brake.

Good music on the Umbrella Academy

No, I started but it'll probably be a while before I finish. I don't seem to be watching much TV at the moment. I'm finding it hard to concentrate lately which makes watching something like this pretty hard because I want to take it all in. I'll get there soon hopefully :)

The best (other) browser downloader

It's great news! Now just need to work on fully killing Cortana and all the other MS bloatware in windows 10.

That's enough, JC

>>36501 That's some serious 5head thinking right there! Thanks :)