I miss TNG

I do like the new captain (Pike). Michael was and is too distant but we can't expect sympathy from a (raised) Vulcan.

As for the Orville, it needs more humor and more action. But most of all less drama between the characters. The last episode ("Nothing Left on Earth Excepting Fishes") was just so boring compared to the previous ("Home") (them 2 docs :D ) even though the last episode was written by Brannon Braga.
Maybe they need another hot character ;)

>>35234 Are you really going to watch Voyager too? I mean B'Elanna and 7of9 sure but JanegoaWay, brrr

May or not.. happen

>>35229 Polls currently show that most people want to stay now (about 45% leave to 55% stay). So a second vote could stop brexit. But I agree there will always be a lot of people unhappy and this is why this vote should never have happened in the first place :/

I have mentioned to people so many times that if the UK isn't part of the EU then we don't have any chance to change it, but they are just too stupid to understand :(
They also don't understand that many of the things they hate about the EU are actually things the UK wanted and if the UK is separate then this will only get worse. This is the case for Article 13, the UK government always want strong copyright laws so if we leave the UK will get something like Article 13 even though the EU now won't get it!

The charity I work for helps people with mental health problems and many of the people we help voted to leave. They don't seem to understand that over 50% of our funds come from EU funding schemes, we have told them this. The charity only exists because the UK government don't provide enough funding to care for people with mental health problems. What we're they thinking! I just can't understand it :/

6 months of work destroyed by a fire

>>35231 This should be part of you presentation :D

No suspects yet


Happy B-Day!!

Happy Birthday to the long lost god!

Man injects himself with his own semen to treat back pain

>>35218 This sounds promising, but I suspect more research is required.


>>35222 doing well, keeping busy. Guilty of browsing and not commenting on here often enough, but thrilled to see you guys are still keeping on and doing well.

Frankenstein meets Linux Mint (Tara)

Yeah, tried them all. Luckily it's such an easy, free, and quick installation.

<insert joke>

Did Disney cruises take over running the navy?

Epic Legendary Armor

>>35207 Damn, that's pretty freaky :D

Spider-man puzzle

Just be careful when you also have the Black Panther variant. Don't want to end up with Spider-Panther.

A proper slap

It could only have been improved if the Hound had called Joffrey a dumb cunt at the end :D


Galactic Battles 2018 - The Ultimate Crossover Fan Film

mm..the enthusiastic Solo and side-chick are killing it, imo. Other than that it was nicely done.

Mix it all together.

This is going to suck

Different spin

Nice :D

My first mixed gin experiment!

Looks good. Now you just have to wait...

Trump to judge 2019 Lex Luthor look-a-like contest

He'd fit in if he'd shave the comb-over off.


Nice :D

That number!

Yay! :D

Altered Carbon (Cyberpunk series)

It didn't start well, but it improved, and the very beginning part doesn't make sense until the end.

Maybe cyberpunk GTAV is what you need (I haven't tried it)

Phew, hopefully 2019 will be better...?

Yep, 2018 sure was a big piece of shit.

What Emma said

You finally too! ;)

Wanna make some beer?

Cheers, mate. I'll try that next year. And then in April 2019 I'll have some b-day gin ;)

Big Pixel search!

I didn't count them all but it either was 1 million or 25 billion. Lost count somewhere..

I just noticed there's a big Mickey head on the Disney building, you can even count the rocks on the roof.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Gorgeous game

Yes it is. You do have to consider the level of your character vs the level of the regions, as it can be tricky and dangerous to explore. Though the loot in higher level places is much more profitable.

A re-re-release

I still haven't upgraded any of my Win10 devices, but I've noticed network activity that makes me think it's been downloaded. I might force it at the weekend to avoid it fucking my shit up on Christmas Day!

Did they finally??

Sadly not :/ But that bastard needs to be held accountable.

We Have Officially Entered Bizzaro World !?!?

>>35148 Nice! :D

Did ya?

Shit, I been paying way too much.

Only evening sessions

All hail Coffee Bean!
All hail Coffee Bean!
All hail Coffee Bean!