Cyberpunk 2077

>>36004 true


>>36006 oh yeah!

Hardcore hair removal

>>36008 You mean that's not how you do it?

Concrete mini house

>>35995 Lol wut?!

Hooman, we ned 2 talk.

"No Mr Doggy, I expect you to die!"

Coming this Fall....Jerry Springer is Judge Jerry!

>>36002 Sweet, I'll see if I can find it somewhere :D

The Avatar Thread

>>35998 I miss Bender :/

I got a new toy :D

>>35999 Thank you good sir. I'm also thinking that a DRO will make a huge difference.

Interestingly even though there isn't a switch on this mill for forward and reverse the existing wiring allows for a switch to be added easily which would make tapping threads, with the right collet, very easy. Also the existing wiring allows for connection of an LED display to show the motor speed.

My plan is to ultimately replace all the existing controls with a touchscreen LCD for control of speed and direction along with provision for DRO display too. Also in place of the existing potentiometer for speed control I'll replace it with a rotary encoder to allow for easy adjustment without needing to use the touchscreen.

The first phase will be just to add the LCD to show the speed.

The second phase will be full controller replacement

The third phase will be to add DRO.

Happy new year!

>>35982 Sadly yes

The witcher tv serie

No, Dandelion was in the books, although not the first one. I believe the series takes place during that time. But maybe it's a stage name?

How the internet works.

A Very Merry Tegridy Chistmas To Everyone :)

Bottoms up, peeps

I damaged my eye on a twig :(

Not too bad now. Still a bit of an ache behind my eye but otherwise normal :)

The Mandalorian

Yeah, it's pretty dull, and far too family friendly :/
If I was to be cynical I'd say the whole show exists to sell Disney+ subscriptions and baby yoda toys :\
The 'fans' are too struck by all the episode 4 to 6 props and references to notice the show is actually shit.



There's hope for us yet!

Hollywood here I come :D

Something about a peach?

Or the better facial expression would be..

Rocket Surgery

It's just a flesh wound. Come back here and fight you bastard!!!

Actual Leaked Story Board for New Star Wars Film

Natalie Portman sure looks buff.

Set for New Years Eve

>>35952 Bastards! Better replace them quickly, and buy extra in case it happens again!!! :D

Why you do this Microsoft? Why?

>>35950 Meh!

>>35951 In forza, who's gonna stop me! On UK roads I don't know, but then I'm not allowed to drive anyway due to my health :/

RIP René Auberjonois

I need to replay that just for him.

The moment Carl thought..

Fudgey the whale


>>35938 It performs perfectly! I'm beginning to think this is the right car for me :)

Red Dead Redemption II

I, for one, haven't played it either after noticing the bug. Maybe a restart is in order..?


Yeah, why do so many shows have random gaps in their release schedule these days?


I'd tie off a rope and head down there to investigate :D
It's only the opening that's collapsed, the ground around it looks stable.

The Witcher 3 is still an amazing game!

It sure is! I'd love to see a fourth game once cyberpunk is done. Also don't forget the tv show is out in just over 2 weeks, 20th December :)

The Cybertruck or this?

Me want :D

Yep, I thought that too.

Yeah, it's a bit odd. There is hardly any dialogue. And when there is dialogue it's really simplistic and cheesy. It feels like the show lacks any depth too, very disney and family friendly.
I read on reddit someone suggesting it was actually the plot of an unreleased 'bounty hunter' game from many years ago that had been adapted to be a tv show. I have to say it does feel a bit like that.
I think the hardcore fans are loving it because of all the links to episodes 4-6. I must confess I'm not really sure what the timeline is for this show. Is it actually yoda? If so this must be set well before episode 1.