They let everybody in these days

Wow, you're really passionate about him.

The internet has ruined me..

I know what I see isn't what I'm supposed to see, but I don't understand what I am supposed to see. :S

Carolina squat - Banned in North Carolina

>>37524 I'm ok with them grinding the owners of such trucks too.

Las Palmas

>>37525 Yes, the good old 'acts of god' bullshit.

Marshmallow Road?

>>37518 So true.

>>37519 Perfect :D

Worst case of 'old man balls' I've ever seen
I like cats

a last sneaky one

It's A Little Windy Here

1 roof tile damaged which I've temporarily fixed and I'll get back to later when I've got more time. Other than that some minor fence damage I can easily fix.

It's pretty cold, 0c - 4c, but today it's warmed back up to 11c :)


The Reedus fetus is actually Mads Mikkelsen's baby. It was taken from him for some experiment bullshit. I'll be honest I didn't pay much attention to the story because the cut scenes went on for days. What I did hear made little sense.

But don't worry there is going to be a 'Directors Cut' version out next year which will no doubt contain even more cut scene shit. Sadly I'll be busy doing everything else in the universe first so I may not find time for it.

I think I know the artist Rockstar used for the remake

>>37503 And DICE, and Activision, and last but mos def not least Ubisoft.

It's like they release the games as beta and then let morons pay them to test the game.

Woman ‘miraculously’ survives with minor injuries..

It's stunning that anyone got out of the car alive! Just crazy!

Danny Huynh Creations

wow, that is beyond great. Incredible detail as a static model, then to see it all moves just is too wow

Flight sim setup ready

But endless updates is the joy of modern gaming :/

>>37491 Nice to see you got it sorted :)

Windows 11

Folder previews is gone :( And everything is flat.
I did notice it's a lot quicker to boot and shutdown.

I can confirm this to be true.



>>37484 There are so many different sizes and formats of these toggle clamps that it can be very hard to track down the one you want. You may find it easier to made a plate/adapter to make it fit.

When the Dremel fails..

They're pretty sweet. I use one with my big 9" angle grinder.

#BrexShit #TurdReich

I haven't experienced empty shelves in my life time, it really does look a bit like soviet Russia. But unlike soviet Russia we do have plenty of food available, it just often isn't what you wanted or needed.

Ordering from the EU isn't too bad currently as the UK customs aren't doing the increased checks required the brexit agreement. The EU Managed to implement those checks on day 1, the UK has already postponed doing them 3 times now! The problems we do have however are not enough dock workers to unload goods coming in and not enough truck drivers to deliver goods :/

Facebook announces rebrand!

I don't get it! You just posted the same picture twice!?! ;D

The beach at Minehead, Somerset

Well, our politicians aren't any better. The current cabinet are in a sort of caretaker status. Yet they act like they aren't, still making laws and shit. It really doesn't matter anymore.

The biggest party (VVD) are real piss-heads. Our PM (also VVD) laughs everything away, like it's a fucking comedy.

Still, we don't pollute our rivers or coast line..yet.

“Today’s coffee is tomorrow’s coffee!”

Pretty sure I've seen a coffee machine like this in Starbucks.

The Making of Superyacht Black Pearl

>>37460 Not me, I'm not rich ;)

2400 artists create unique renders from a simple prompt

Death Stranding The Movie. Coming soon... ;D

What if...

Did a Terminator spawn here ?

>>37456 Good. That makes me happy :)

Alpine refuge

>>37452 hahaha!

Also how's the internet? Is there WiFi? And running water? /S

But more importantly; a door?

I keep getting sick or hurt

It's private.

Brazilian Wandering Spider guarding its offspring..

>>37438 We may still need to nuke South America

Beemer, Audi, Merc problem

>>37439 It's why Toyota's are so reliable.

finally got some pedals

They were on discount and work out of the box. So yeah, pretty nice.

I'll still have to tweak a lot of settings to get all of it just right in MSFS2020 but I'm slowly getting there.