That car is a beast!

Kinda surprised they aren't wearing helmets though in an open top car on a race track!?!

2 days of heat ...already

>>37845 Oof! That's warm :/

IE will not be missed

At home yes, unfortttunately at work we have MS Office & Outlook

29C and sunny yesterday. 13C and rainy today :/

..I'll give you the benefit of doubt..

It's a wasps nest. Honestly!

I see it was a cold day

This image is too large! Upload something smaller!

>>37833 Nice!

Don't get too close

Posh little cunts!

I'm happy for Liz, 70 years in any job is impressive I guess. But I couldn't give a fuck about the Royal family or any of that elitist bullshit.

Dare to be yourself or get bitten

In other gaming news I saw Epic had the Bioshock series available for free so I grabbed them. I figured it might be fun to see if I could get them running on Linux.

At first I tried installing Epic Game Store through Lutris, a very useful way to install and run windows and other games on Linux. But it was a pain in the arse. So I tried and alternative way to run Epic games on Linux called Heroic Launcher. This was partly successful, but the first 2 games still proved hard to get working. Then I read that Heroic is actually just a wrapper for something called Legendary which can run Epic games without the epic games store. On Linux it's command line only, but you can get it on Windows too and it has a GUI. So after authorising Legendary and importing the games I had already downloaded they just worked perfectly!?! Sweet as fuck! :D

God of War The Simpson way

This looks awesome, except for the unfunny distorted commentary :D

Now we just need this game to go on sale, 50% or better please steam :)

Ray Liotta RIP

RIP Tommy Vercetti

Where's the stakes?

Total non-story! Nothing to see here...

They want YOU, right now!

It's just so weird! XD
Anyone would be forgiven for thinking they were erotic dancers! XD

Already hungry for breakfast

The real cause of the supply chain issues

>>37811 lol!

GTA in real life

American muscle cars do like to go crunch :/



Only in Japan! XD

Evil Dead game

RIP Fred Ward

Isn't everyone :D


>>37796 Routers do tend to run pretty hot, but usually as the CPU is below 90C it's nothing to worry about. It's just bugs in the firmware/software. Routers are basically just low powered linux computers and sometimes bugs happen. This is why any decent router will get regular updates.

Asus poratable monitor

>>37793 I've never used MSI, but I've always found Asus mobo's to be good, with the exception of one of two that had capacitor problems.

How silly of me to forget the 'PLUS' it's just so important :D

My 4TB SATA Samsung Evo SSD Has Shit The Bed :/

Sound like bad mojo..

Riding the sub

It's a good job he's wearing a gag. When she deploys the brake at the bottom of the course he's in for some pain! :D

Level ..

I've just added it to my calendar XD

Thankfully I have an older sister and brother so I hope to get some warning on any level cap! :)


That is the kind of clock someone should give their parents for a special wedding anniversary XD

Also someone should build a large version using a tank turret as the pendulum!


>>37762 stuff of nightmares but yes, I think/hope so.

The joy of 4K and Linux

Fractional scaling is the answer. It's still seemingly newish so apparently isn't 100% reliable, but I've had no issues.

A new card for better heating..

The difference of wattage between the GTX 1080 ti (water cooled) and the RTX 3080 (stock air cooled), both are total PC systems plus monitor.

Star Trek Online
In with the auto out with the manual

>>37716 Whole milk for the win! Coffee creamer is poopy.

A Look Inside Merlins-Bar New Server Room

>>37717 I keep my router up to date with it's firmware. Also these kind of bugs require you leave your router open to remote management. That's the first thing I turn off on a router!