Government sent me some money and I did my duty and pumped a little of it back into the economy. I'll be painting my house this year and the rental cost of a pressure washer would be about half the price of a new one... so...This one produces about 3100psi.

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Good to hear. Has your work been affected much?
Me and my dad had a 30% decrease of income, so I filed for government assistance.


>>36602 Yes, we did. Corona check made it directly in to my accounts


Mister Oldballs, have you or anyone in your family received the $1200?



>>36423 Those are exactly what I had in mind XD

(57.4 Kb, 508x508)

>>36421 How about these weird statues ;)


>>36419 "buried with all your worldly possessions" - 1 thousand years later archaeologists discover a 'tomb' of man surrounded by bizarre mechanical contraptions. The man is assumed to be a sacrificial offering to the mechanical gods. :D

>>36420 I've thought before it'll interesting for someone to go through all my crap after I peg it. I must add some really weird things to my collection to confuse them :D


>>36419 I'm hoping I'll have enough time in between using my stuff and realizing I can't use it any more to give it all away. Some stuff I've been collecting over the years, I've handed to friends and shipped to others. If I just drop dead, someone's going to go crazy sorting thru all my junk.

Still a big clash here between those that want to reopen and those that don't. I think a few more weeks of quarantine should have taken place. It may have helped but it's too late now.

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poow Jezuz

>>36417 That's the spirit! So you're going to be buried with all your worldly possessions, like the Pharaoh?

>>36416 :( It has been flaring up cause the governments saw a decline in the amount of infected and decided people could be more relaxed again. And BOOM! it's back, baby!


>>36416 It's always comforting to hear we're needed. If you lived in Houston, you may enjoy the percentages even more!!

>>36414 If the idea of free money to an individual would go back into the economy, they certainly had me pegged as one of those people. I ain't gonna take my bank account with me when I croak and don't have anyone to leave it to so I may as well enjoy it while I still can.

(373.3 Kb, 320x180)

My government gave me a higher chance of dying from covid than any other country in the world. YAY! :D


Free money is always great.

I'm getting one too, no strings attached. However the (local) government give those checks only to the employed ppl (so businesses stay afloat). It's not as much as my regular paycheck but it is something.


>>36398 That flamethrower thingy looks pretty tempting.
>>36381 Our Congress is preparing a 2nd check for us deviates as we speak. Damn, I like free money!!


>>36389 I put it together, Grim but haven't fired it up yet. Jobs and other things have come up. It's been so damned hot, doing anything will take your breath away. Luckily, I've been working inside... painting, electrical, lights, fans, so on.

>>36383 This washer has a variable fan/tip control (shown) for different spray and tip pressures. It would fuzz my siding if I used too powerful a spray. There's a warning in the instructions that says damage to objects and fingers. I like the flamethrower option.


No goodgrief, don't listen to JesusChrist!
the Bloodhound Gang


>>36389 Probably this


Any updates on your new purchase, goodgrief? Have you used it already? Did you play super soaker with the neighborhood kids and washed away the evidence? ;)


3100psi won't just clean the house it'll slice it in to little pieces :D
My pressure washer is about 130psi and that was plenty for cleaning the house before painting.


Nice! And very socialistic of your government to send you cash. They do that here too.