I got a letter today from my local council to offer me £50 to help with my energy bills as I'm ill and unable to work.

Very nice! That will be very helpful... ...Oh, wait. I must have photo ID and I must go to a post office within 7 days to get it. Most people in the UK who don't currently drive don't have photo ID, that would be me. I also have no way of getting to a post office. Also why limit it to 7 days?

The letter says I should email the council if I have questions, so I have. I received an automated response telling me that they are very busy and will try to respond to me within 21 days!?!

Most of the people being given this money will never be able to get it!

This is life in Conservative Britain.

Give with one hand and take it back with the other!





From 100 to 1!



Well, not really, it's all fine again.

The server had been misbehaving again, although it didn't affect this website at all. I had both raid arrays drop a drive and refuse to re-sync. I don't understand why but I think the controllers in the external drives I was using for my back raid arrays were causing issues. Luckily the external drives are just internal drives with a sata controller attached and sealed in a plastic box. I removed the drives and have fitted them in pairs in to 2 drive docking stations. Thankfully they now resync and work as they should, at least for now.

I also had an issue with the second ethernet controller. It refused to work so I replaced it. The replacement refused to work so I put the original one back in and it works great!?! I don't understand why but I don't have much time so I'm happy with it! XD

And now I can get back to trying to move house... ...the long wait continues :/




I upgraded to the Asus PN50 barebone with another AMD cpu. This time it's the Ryzen 3 4300U. This barebone is way easier to work with than the ASRock A300 before.
The old one will be used as a Linux test thingy.



the bird wasn't harmed. The other one, well..


Well, well..I guess Boris will be back?


But actually used to carry float planes out the water for maintenance. Still baffles me that it's allowed on the public road though.


Only 72yo.


The color is due to the horticultural greenhouses nearby.


Time to rest.



My mind is blown :/


Just fucking do it, Jerry


The most expensive piece in my apartment. But also very comfortable and electric adjustable (currently charging the battery).
One downside is that I don't have a gf/wife/maid to bring me my beer/whiskey/wine ;)

It's a Danish design by Hjort Knudsen with wood and leather.


And a bit over the top but it was the Queen.
The marching, and band, was very impressive and the whole ordeal made both my mum and dad tear up.

Also how tall & beefy are those lads directly in front of the carriage?


Decided to go wider with curves. From a flat 27" 2560x1440 to a curved 34" 3440x1440 LG UltraGear 34GP950G-B 144Hz monitor. Will let you know in a month or so if was a good purchase..



for a chance. I haven't been on holiday since 2017. It was due time. Currently visiting a place near München.


Not the only one who can use a sharpie


A certain package delivery company can't seem to find the doorbell on my apartment, yet claim they rang and 'missed me' or 'you weren't home' on the day I was home. That same company has the worlds shittiest app and call-center, which costs me money. And on top of that the delivery scheduled dates and times are way to optimistic.

Not that a the national postal service is any better at the moment considering they lost a package :(

Rant off.



...Now both my parents are gone it's time to sell the old family home, which I live in, and buy something with my share.

I have a buyer already which is awesome, and I got a got a good price too. So that's working out great...

...But trying to find a house to buy that meets my needs and I can afford, holy fuck it's hard :/

People are buying and selling houses at crazy speed and it's impossible to keep up. I'm going to look at a house tomorrow which would be perfect for me. I can afford the asking price and a little bit over, but I'm fairly sure it'll go for more than I can afford.

I'm having to consider houses 50+ miles from where I currently live just to try to find something!?!

This is why I've been neglecting the site lately, sorry about that.

Hopefully something works out for me soon because this is so stressful :/


I used to have the Logitech Z5500 and later the Z906, both 5.1 surround sound systems. The first one (Z5500 bought around 2004) had issues with power input which was replaced in 2014 with the Z906 but that one died recently.

So I bought the Edifier S351DB 2.1 Bookshelf Speaker System. AND OH MY GOD DOES IT SOUNDS GOOD, even better than before. I don't even miss the surround sound. :D