I accidently touched one of these little suckers last week. I was straightening the little tree and the fuzzy quills stuck in between two fingers. 15 minutes later, my fingers swelled up, and hour later the pain was all the way to my arm pit. Three days later, I could use my hand. Ice is the only treatment. Otherwise, one just toughs it out.

Today I see two of them getting ready to make more. It hurts so good!

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>>32781 Good information...thanks.


>>32768 >>32769 Merlins Bar uses a cookie to keep you logged in so if you delete the cookie you will have to log back in. There is no way to change your avatar unless you click the 'set this as my avatar' link. Your browser doesn't keep these details so nothing you do there can change that.
Unless I have a problem using a particular website I don't see any need to delete cookies or the browser cache. Modern browsers are perfectly capable of dealing with all that automatically.


>>32777 I love drama! It fills in the gaps.


>>32775 lol. Soon ALF will come visit, then you can test your shotgun-pistol. And much later a movie will be made. Can't wait!

(888.0 Kb, 1936x1288)
G-Man's Revenge Bwaaaahahahah

I noticed this Asp had come back today; same spot that I'd accidentally touched him/her.

I scraped it off with a knife into a zip-lock, added dish soap, a little water and DEATH!

>>32773 Read up on them a little; they're mainly located, in great numbers, from Dallas to Galveston but other southern states have them also as well as Mexico.

In the 20's and 50's schools were closed in San Antonio and Galveston, respectfully, because of the many stings to children. Unbelievable!

(869.7 Kb, 1936x1288)

DIE, you bastard!


I have never seen these before. Sounds like something to stay away from. Glad to hear that you recovered.

(27.5 Kb, 493x413)

Apparently I don't delete Cookies and other site date all that often, at least not every week.
I guess I did that for a reason..not keeping logged-in.


I went back and cleared the history in Edge. I do this from time to time to clear 'cookies'. It just so happens that within the cookies it also includes browsing history.

I cleared it!

Lo and behold...I came back on this site and had to sign in once again. Again, this is thru the 'Edge' browser. This negates the idea of 'off' and 'sleep' mode.

Also, within this 'history' box, I have NOT highlighted the 'passwords' box (it is not turned on). I would suppose since it's not highlighted, it would save my passwords to all sites.

Nope! When I clear browsing history, I also clear passwords to all sites.


>>32764 Yes, I have my settings the same as you in the Chrome Browser.

I'm using the Edge browser right now because I can't log on to Merlin's Bar thru Chrome today. Does it make sense to you that I can enter this site thru one browser and can't thru another?

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chrome settings

You probably accidentally clicked on the 'set this as my avatar' link instead of the picture. As for the logins I can only give aid about Chrome; in the settings (chrome://settings/) page, click on 'show advanced settings', under the title 'Passwords and forms' tick the box on 'Offer to save web passwords'.

Or JC is messing with the site..


>>32762 yes and I had to log tell you. Something better???? Pages freeze up in IE and Chrome works a little better. I have gone on a million sites trying to fix it. Some days are better than others.

How did my avatar get changed?

(19.4 Kb, 512x556)

I like your new avatar, suits you you to take revenge ;)

Are you using Microsoft Edge?


Hmmm. Merlin's Bar has changed my avatar.

I have been having trouble logging on lately. The site doesn't recognize me sometimes. Then, it says you've timed out or haven't entered the correct information.

I feel dejected!


I don't see them very often either, Vis. You could have them but I honestly don't know. They move sorta slowly so it may take a while.


using tape is a great idea, goodgrief! I've never seen these little monsters before. Maybe they'll migrate west?


>>32746 The name Asp is, strange enough, attached to several creatures. I think here in the States it's known as an Arkansas Asp. I've seen them here in Houston since I can remember and knew not to touch them. The 'quills' are microscopic and cannot even be seen with a magnifying glass. I did however, put a real sticky tape over the burning area several times to get out as much as possible (internet told me to). After that, ice for a long time. Arm pit was in great pain. Had I been allergic, I would have died.

It is a caterpillar and does morph into a moth (a fairly large brown one). It is found in warm areas so you guys are safe.

The touching was totally accidental. It was behind this same Castor Bean stalk when I moved it to tie it back from drooping.

Thanks for the concern. Bob all better now.


What sort of evil is this thing! It says in that article that once evolved in to a moth it then throws its shit about.
There are too many toxic shit throwers in the world already! Which interestingly brings us back to Trump.

The Trump Toupee

I hope you feel better now. According to the article below they are growing in numbers.
Btw, did you see the spines sticking in your hand?


Bummer! It's a good rule of thumb that any hairy insect should not be touched for the reasons you're all to familiar with. Not much you can do when it happens accidentally though :/
I hope it sorts itself out quickly.

(754.0 Kb, 1792x1674)

Searched asp came out as venomous snake, so I searched for furry asp and found out it's a caterpillar. It's adult name is Megalopyge opercularis..or more commonly named; HUGE FUCKER