Learning the backstroke

We're fairly wiped out here in Houston.
We'll rebuild but it's gonna take awhile.

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Used one of these with an old girlfriend.. she asked for it when she hit the road. Cheapskate!
Maybe our refineries will keep enough oil around so we can make some. Gotta have income!


>>33862 XD


Could we agree a solar powered dildo would be an 'Earth Fracking Experience'?

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>>33845>>33851 Every time you guys make those great comments I google/duck search them and voila!

Okay not a dildo but still pretty vibrating.


Solar powered dildos I hope ;D


Thanks for the concern, guys. I'm a survivor and hunker down when these monsters come my way.
No sharks, Grim, but lotsa snakes trying to reach dry ground. There's reports of them swimming into people's houses.. I hate snakes. A few crocks have found their way into neighborhoods also. No one has been bitten as of today. Armadillos have come out also. Cattle have stayed from their pens, airplanes were grounded for days and the ducks are in heaven. It's a zoo around here. Help came from all over the United States and even the illegal aliens from the South were helping out.
I heard we received 9 trillion gallons of rain...enough to fill The Great Salt Lake (Utah) twice!
Rebuilding will take a very long time. Materials and labor will be at a premium... and then there's the insurance and those without insurance thingy.
We will prevail because our country runs on oil and we hold all the marbles. The entire Gulf Coast was affected by this storm and our Gulf Coast provides the processing for 30% of the Nation's oil not to mention, countries all over the world. When the oil stops, the world stops. Some day, when oil isn't needed, we'll make dildos. The world will always need dildos.


I'm very pleased you're safe and well :)
I still can't quite get my head around what it must be like to have 40" of rain fall in just a couple of days! Stunning! Hopefully things will get back to normal, or at least workable, quickly.

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Good to hear from and glad you're okay.

Any crocodiles or sharks spotted?

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I was high and dry during all of this and never lost power. My internet access went down for 4 days.. I'm still alive.
The pictures of devastation are too numerous to post, guys. Still not too much getting around because of closed roads but my food supply is strong enough to last until trucks can bring more food to the stores.
Should the food supply run out, the grass in the back yard could take on a whole new meaning.
I saw on the news somewhere around 9 trillion gallons fell from the sky. I don't know how they arrived at that number but I do know I have trouble tying my shoes. I'll leave the math up to the politicians (they're usually correct about most things..pffft!)