Weird Chameleon

Tried to get a good picture but couldn't get close enough to keep him from running. He is brown, right now, but the white junk on him is puzzling.

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>>32671 Sometimes the tree roaches follow me into the house (running across the threshold when I open the door) but the lizards keep their distance from me and haven't run in as of yet.

The pictures I've taken are of 'day creatures' but there's tree frogs, mice, rats, screech owls, opossums, roaches,locust and scads of other things that come out at night. I haven't seen a tree frog yet but their chirping and mating calls are everywhere.

The LED lighting, rain, and vegetation have had a lot to do with the heavy infestation of creatures I have. I also have a water fountain that runs 24/7. It helps. Oh...I live in the south where 90 degrees at 10p.m. is nothing new.

I sit outside a lot and wait for something to move. Stuff is there (you'd be amazed at what IS there) but you have to be patient.


>>32659>>32664 amazing. Beautiful to see your garden has all these animals.
Do they go in the house? When I was in Spain at night there was a tiny lizard in the house eating the bugs, by day it was gone.

oh, and last month I spotted a lizard(?), or at least something similar to your garden dweller, in a patch of woods nearby. I was amazed that we had those. Didn't make a pic though, it didn't respond to my directions.

(1734.7 Kb, 2376x1428)

Another strange thing in my yard is this Gecko lives in the back yard and the Anole lizard lives in the front. I suppose they respect each other's territory.


Love it! Sadly we don't have these in the UK. We have some little lizards, but not quite like this.


I tried to find a lizard like this on the internet but was unable to do so. Come to find out, this is not a true chameleon. It's called a green anole but can also change colors. I saw this little fella a little later on in the day and it had turned green. The white streaks had all but disappeared except for its rear legs.

(1036.3 Kb, 1936x1288)

Another shot. It isn't as clear as I'd hoped..I was having trouble moving closer without him taking off.