A big problem in Houston

More and more I'm experiencing problems with lock-ups where the page goes into 'fuck-mode'. It takes forever for a page to load (commercials) and when clicking thru a slide page presentation, it'll re-open in a new tab because of IE problems. Today, it just decided to fuck itself and go blank. The task manager is always a solution but I'm getting sick and tired of having to deal with it. I am hard-wired (not wireless) and there's another computer (in the back room) connected to my router. My landlord uses her lap top hooked to my router. I have no more info to give you for a solution...Help!

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I've installed Adblock on chrome and IE. We'll see how that goes...

Don't know why I have 3 browsers but some things just work smoother on chrome and I do my news on IE. I do more commenting on chrome and they just post and work better. I have no earthly idea why, they just do. So I keep them. Don't use firefox much and probably should scrap it. Doesn't screw up the morning load because I make coffee while it's booting up.


why do you have both installed? If you like one, uninstall the other.

The internet thrives on ads, so Adblock doesn't exist.
Not sure if this link works for Chrome's Adblock extension but here ya go https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/adblock/gighmmpiobklfepjocnamgkkbiglidom?utm_source=chrome-app-launcher-info-dialog


>>32074 Thanks. I have Chrome and Firefox installed. I use Chrome from time to time and like it better than Firefox (I don't know why). I didn't know about 'Adblock". The internet certainly didn't suggest it. Why would they?

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one word: Adblock
This extension will block any ads on websites, making the loading of one a lot quicker, and less flashy.

And go for the Chrome or Firefox browser; they are auto-updated (unlike IE), have a ton of extensions (optional), and generally work great.
As JC wrote before, make a backup of your bookmarks.



>>32071 Simply put... the little crows foot at the right or left of a series of pictures (which one clicks on) to advance or previous a certain group of pictures.
When I'm clicking thru sometimes it'll be extremely slow loading and I've found it's because of all the advertisements that have to load with the page/picture.

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>>32068 If I read it correctly (which I probably am not) it looks like you have the pages stored locally, hence the forward button.
Just to clarify for me: what do you mean with forward arrow? The arrows (cursor keys) on the keyboard or the one on the browser?

could you link the website?

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>>32069 >< you can up & download any movies quicker than me.

The Print screen 'Prt Scr' (keyboard) & paint (program) is one option, the other one is the Snipping tool (program). I prefer the latter..
But your picture is great too ;)

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>>32067 Never tried one of these tests before, I got 10ms, 33.38 mbps up and 9.63 mbps down. Is that good? I suppose doing the test at 2 AM helps. Picture included for the hell of it, cos I don't know how to do a screen grab.


>>32066 Usually, the problem is in news items where one clicks from page to page to read captions and view the accompanying picture. Sometimes it takes forever for one page to load when I click on the "forward" arrow. Haven't tried another browser yet. Videos play fine.

Most of the time, when I have a problem, I have looked at a news page and then to the side of that article there'll be other news articles (kind of a 'sub-article', if you will); junk articles telling you why your butt and toes stink. THEY give me fits(never have come across a virus warning on those sites).

I'll try another browser.
>>32067 I have no idea what I'm looking at but I can tell you the size of hammer you'll need to correct the problem.

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ugh..shitty performance on mine..and no chance of upgrading unless I move


Slow internet speed won't cause a computer to lock up, it'll just make loading pages and videos slow. Locking up is a sign of a problem on the computer itself. Try to figure out, as precisely as you can, what the triggers seem to be. Is it playing videos, which would suggest it's a flash problem. Is it accessing particular websites, does it still happen in a different browser.


or this one: http://www.speedtest.net/?noflash=1


try this online test to see how fast your line is: http://beta.speedtest.net/


I've read some comments (in articles) people have had problems viewing videos, reading and such when internet traffic is high. They didn't comment that they're computer locked up (like mine did) only that they had trouble (whatever that was) Could that be some of my problems??? This morning, things were a little slow when it came to scrolling. Maybe ads. trying to load?


>>32052 Fingers crossed things will go better now. Keep us posted.


I did everything you guys said; even went thru my Avast security and did a cleanup (not much there and no virus detection. It's a little better and hasn't locked up yet. I only got one "Internet Explorer isn't working. Refresh page" this morning. More will be revealed.

>>32051 Cleaned system files. I'll have to live without support, I suppose. I can see a forced installation of Windows 10 coming in to view. Damn!

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When was the last time you did a clean up of the system files?

Just a fair warning; Microsoft will pull the plug on IE8, 9 & 10 on January 12th.


One more thing ... I have Scrabble loaded in memory (the disk is NOT in the tray) but have over 80% useable space. I erase the trash bin when 40 or 50 things are in it. Maybe I'm missing something.


Thanks, J.C. I'll try doing as per your instructions. I have two other browsers and haven't tried them yet. I like IE but will try fixing the problem before changing browsers. I do manage to control cookies though and, as you know, have had problems with too many in the past (I'm supposing the cookies pertain to browser search histories) My search histories never amount to more than 3 or 4.


Are the problems only when using internet explorer and not when using other software? If so the problem is either corruption in IE that might be repairable by resetting it (google resetting IE for details) or the browser has been infected by crap, not so much a virus, that you'll need to remove which is probably best achieved by also resetting IE. Before doing a reset check if you need to backup your bookmarks or anything else.
If this isn't the issue post more details.