It has rained about 5 out of the last 7 days but the flowers certainly like it.

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why thank you, JC. Although I like goodgrief garden more. ;P


Bloomin Marvellous!!!
Lovely garden you have, sadly mine is just full of weeds and overgrown.


>>32491>>32492 Pretty! You obviously have green fingers. :) Maybe if/when I ever move to a house I'll start planting seeds ;)

>>32496 Frenchies don't drink water, they drink wine!


>>0 Didn't mention it but these flowers are called Pintas. Winter usually kills them but this year it didn't freeze. They need watering about every 3 days. One might say they suck water faster than a French whore. One might say that. I wouldn't say that.

(1167.4 Kb, 1936x1288)

A bad picture of the bloom but a Chameleon ran into the picture and here it is. There's an orange bug/insect on an un-opened bloom >>32494. I don't know if the lizard ate him or not but he certainly isn't in this picture.

(1025.4 Kb, 1936x1288)

When I realized how terrible that shot of the bloom was >>32493, I took another.

(1608.6 Kb, 1936x1288)

My Philodendron is blooming this year; it bloomed year before last but I don't know diddly about the plant other than it's tropical. This one froze dead about 10 years ago but came back two years later. My landlord offered up that information.
The soil here is firm, healthy and not impossible to dig in. Some places in Houston have a grey clay, some red clay and some a lot of sand about 3 or 4 feet down. The area around Houston was old rice, cotton and maze land but now all houses. Just about anything will grow here but we don't get cold enough temps. to grow a lot of things.

(1927.9 Kb, 1936x1288)

This is a Bottlebrush. It has doubled in size since I planted it last year. It will grow to 30 feet high or more. They bloom in February and March. This one hasn't stopped because it's as crazy as I am.

(1652.9 Kb, 1288x1936)

This is a Bald Cypress. I planted it in a pot when it was a seedling of 6 inches in May of 2010. When I moved here, my present house, in June of 2012 it was 64 inches. I put it into the ground. It has grown to over 15 feet in 4 years. It will live 1300 years and grow to 150 ft. high. I'm waiting for it to develop "knees" and produce reproduction cones.


thank you ;) 4th floor flat and I have unwanted green things on my balcony. Nature will always find a way.

Your plant looks amazing, btw. Do you have any plants/trees in the ground? Or is the ground too dry/hard for that?


>>32483 Lotta good farming there bwaaaaaahaa

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I got something growing too, and no it's not that smelly stuff.

(1030.6 Kb, 1936x1288)

Decent shot of a hibiscus bloom. Bigger because of all the rain.