my dudes!


I'm still looking for the Python & HTML versions..


I upgraded to the Asus PN50 barebone with another AMD cpu. This time it's the Ryzen 3 4300U. This barebone is way easier to work with than the ASRock A300 before.
The old one will be used as a Linux test thingy.


A couple of weeks back I had 2 inflammations; one above the front tooth, later one above the right top molar. After the medicinal treatment three teeth had to go..to the market, which didn't leave much left in my upper jaw.
So today I have a (partial) denture. Not really a fun experience (anesthesia) but at least I have a full set o' teeth and I can smile again.


Beamed up at 89 yo




The big idea in Firearms Training

During World War II, the U.S. military needed to train as many men as quickly as they could. In those demanding circumstances, many new training methods were born, and most of those ideas focused on providing information using oversized graphic presentations. Posters, training films, and film strips were created (and supported by workbooks) for many topics — and particularly for small arms.
The concept of the double-size training aids took this idea one step further, providing a tactile, and instantly self-explanatory educational tool.

The visible operational features in the sectional training aid were color-treated to look like the real thing. The device is hollow and constructed of light aluminum, so although massive, it is not heavy. Simulated ammunition, made of plastic, was used to demonstrate how the magazine was loaded. A transportation/storage case was provided, and the plywood top of the case could be removed and used as a display base.

The M24 training aid is an oversized M1 Garand rifle. It is 86″ long, 19¾” high, and 17″ wide.


Recently bought a 2040 aluminum profile and I 1st tried with a hand saw then quickly moved on to my Dremel only to buy this saw.

Also bought safety glasses and ear protection.


Goodbye percolator, hello De'Longhi EC685!


Poor bugger absolutely didn't want to leave the house. So the acme broom did the job. Unfortunately Mickey didn't survive, so I gave the snail mob in the garden a small job.


Electric pump! I had this shitty standing manual labor pump that never accurately told me the pressure. That's all in the past now!
This little pump pressurizes my bicycle tires to the correct pressure (8.5 bar or 120psi). No more hoping it will be enough..

link: https://www.cycplus.com/products/portable-air-compressor-mini-inflator-electric-pump-for-car-bike


Game used 15GB of system memory but only 5GB of VRAM.

Every other car had the same issue, yet when I rotated the camera (left front quarter) the car popped back to normal, again for all cars.



All things related to this (at this time) overpriced game


And I thought 10 would be the one that will receive endless updates.

Btw, was the graphics designer drunk?


A true flying car that actually looks good. Massive wing though ;)



Yep, it looks good.


For the bed stricken gamer. Corona-proof!


First infected hospitalized in Sittard, Limburg. A German fellah (insert pun here)



Here's it's tropical and very humid :(


Will she still play a teen? Who cares?!

Season 4 starts 26 July 2019 (Spring Break Forever)
Source: imdb https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0412253/?ref_=tt_ov_inf


Still relevant for the UK.

By Bansky.


A match made on a slab in a lab ;)

Honestly of all the versions this is the one that worked without any issues. Now the only thing to try is installing the Nvidia driver and trying out some games or whatever.


Luckily in Germany..but we hardly never see these windy fuckers here.