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The Reedus fetus is actually Mads Mikkelsen's baby. It was taken from him for some experiment bullshit. I'll be honest I didn't pay much attention to the story because the cut scenes went on for days. What I did hear made little sense.

But don't worry there is going to be a 'Directors Cut' version out next year which will no doubt contain even more cut scene shit. Sadly I'll be busy doing everything else in the universe first so I may not find time for it.


Another game to ignore. So just give me the spoiler: what's with the Reedus Fetus?


Sadly I'm not surprised. From the footage I've seen it looked exactly like that.

Speaking of can't skip stuff, what the fuck was up with Death Stranding forcing me to see the end game credits twice without being able to skip, as well as all the other shit at the end. That fucking game takes about 2 hours to end!?!?! Thankfully I found a trainer that could speed the game up to 10 times faster. The delivering parcels bit I enjoyed, but the story and endless cut-scenes can all fuck right off!


Well, I played the game pass version (€1) and it's exactly FH4 just set in Mexico. Not worth the 60 plus moneys, imo. Also the intro can't be skipped..and its size is at a whopping 101 GB!


It's all a good excuse to get to play with some sweet vehicles! :D

Different weather per area of the map sounds interesting.

I wonder if there will be a demo available like there has been for the last 2 versions of PC. Hopefully!


in-game car audio


Car audio


Some preview video