Hello tiny

I upgraded to the Asus PN50 barebone with another AMD cpu. This time it's the Ryzen 3 4300U. This barebone is way easier to work with than the ASRock A300 before.
The old one will be used as a Linux test thingy.

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>>38020 I used to use a couple of add-ons for syncing contact and calendars with my home server, but that is built in now.

The only add-on I still have in use is FiltaQuilla but I can't remember what I use it for! XD


Any must have add-ons for Thunderbird you recommend?


Welcome to the club :)

I've been using Thunderbird and LibreOffice for years and I'm happy with both.

(19.3 Kb, 373x350)
F to the U and a C with a K!

Almost forgot..

Goodbye MS Office! Hello Thunderbird & LibreOffice!

God, what a shitshow MS Outlook is. Even simply exporting the address book is horrendously complicated, and half the time not working properly. Not to mention Exporting the whole account + file structure..and just as bad is importing.
And don't get me started with excel grrrr...


Yep and (as usual) reddit to the rescue.


That is a very weird bug! :/


And it's fixed. I deleted the drivers under the Keyboard tab in device manager and did a restart. Weird bug, considering I had zero issues with both my laptop and my HTPC. Maybe it's Pro related?


Well..shit. I installed the latest Windows 11 pro, cause work, and the 22h2 update doesn't recognize my keyboard anymore..sigh


Asus usually make excellent stuff so I expect this will be good. I had an ASRock mobo once and wasn't impressed with the support.