Ghost rider

Game used 15GB of system memory but only 5GB of VRAM.

Every other car had the same issue, yet when I rotated the camera (left front quarter) the car popped back to normal, again for all cars.

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>>37345 The update seems to have fixed my rotating camera crash problem too. Sweet!

Time to get back to upgrading cars to make the engine explode at full power again XD


They released a small update yesterday. It fixed the issues I had. They added a different color to the tarmac in San Francisco, which looks weird to me.


>>37341 I haven't had that, but I do have a problem with the American Road map where if I rotate the camera it almost always crashes the game to desktop after a long pause. Doesn't seem to happen on the built in maps.

The whole game just seems a bit unstable lately, especially where mods are concerned.


Removed all the mods, and turned reflections off. It did the trick for running, still had a ctd after an hour.


Well fuck. I can't seem to run any map. It loads but as soon as I see my car it ctd and I get the "stack buffer overflow" error.
I removed all mods and did the steam verify integrity but alas I still got the same error.

Have you had this?


I've had similar issues in BeamNG. I think they must have rewritten some older code recently which probably explains why there are new bugs for things like this out of nowhere.

It's still fun to drive around in though :D