Finally a good espresso machine

Goodbye percolator, hello De'Longhi EC685!

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ese pods/pads/disks

I already already own a cheap-ass coffee grinder but it doesn't tell me how much is for one cup, according to de'longhi it should be 7 grams for a single cup of espresso. Luckily my espresso machine also allows ese-pods.

And I attached some rubber foam I use against draft (or is it draught?) that did the trick.


I've been thinking of buying a coffee grinder because I've become fed up with the bland ground coffee in the supermarkets. but I don't drink coffee very often so I'm not sure if it's worth getting.

You could get some stick on neoprene feet on ebay to fix it slipping around.


Things De'Longhi should improve: Make better feet, they have no grip.