It'sa coming!

First infected hospitalized in Sittard, Limburg. A German fellah (insert pun here)

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>>36116 Maybe the Chinese should divert some of their military funds to refrigeration in the wet markets.. Naw. That ain't gonna happen. 20 million deaths there wouldn't even make a dent in their population. They're starving anyway. Hence, the wet markets.


>>36111 The whole wet market thing is quite odd to our western eyes for sure, and illness from such practices is inevitable. But as you rightly point out over population and globalism are what allows that illness to spread so far and so quickly. In reality this is a virus killing off a parasite :/


>>36063 Interesting reading about those wet markets; some years the Chinese gov. has shut them down and other years, opened them back up again. Allowing animals from other countries to be sold has also given them problems.
Tough to keep people from having sex but overpopulation is definitely the problem here.


Yeah, we all fucked.
I just wish China would realise that eating random uncooked meat because you think it'll cure your erectile dysfunction is why half the fucking world is dying!

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