Upgraded my NAS
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>>37418 Strange, but at least you got it sorted to your liking.

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Well fuck. The Noctua fan didn't work very well as it stopped spinning, I guess when hibernation set in. I've should've read the warnings online..
Anyway the fan from the DS215j didn't make any noise so I swapped that one on the DS220+, all seems fine now. I've put the shitty loud fan on the DS215j that I use as a dedicated backup for the work nas (DS215se). It only turns on for an hour a day, so the noise isn't a issue.


>>37412 Only when the prices go waaaaay down, I might.


>>37408 Subject to approval from the UK government, because national security or some bollocks like that.

>>37410 So your saying you need to replace those drives with large ssd's ;D

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I replaced the shitty ticking fan with a Noctua. Now I can only hear the drives crunching the data ;)


>>37405 Is the Intel Celeron J4025 an ARM architecture?

Hasn't Nvidia bought ARM?


I'm pleased your liking the upgrade. These little ARM processors pack a mighty punch these days.

Even though I'm not an Apple fan I do like what they have done with the M1 processor. I expect many desktops and laptop will move to Arm processors in the years to come. I very much look forward to getting rid of Intel :D

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Nah, I also backed-up my dad's work NAS (DS215se) on the previous one. Somehow this new one isn't recognized (tried both sides), and a reset of the modem didn't work either. It might have to do that the new one has an upgraded version of its OS (DSM 7 vs 6)..?
So I'm using the old one as a dedicated backup for my dads NAS, that only operates at certain hours.

I just swapped the drives from the DS215j into the new DS220+ and it just worked. It asked me to keep all the files and preferences (like firewall, port settings, etc.) or to start from scratch. So I choose the first and it downloaded the latest OS (DSM 7) and boom up and running! Easy.

So far the new one is A LOT better and faster, so much quicker to respond (both local and online), flipping through menus, and multitasking in general. I mean I've upgraded the ram from 2GB to 6GB DDR4 whereas the old ones are limited to 512MB DDR3. The old ones have dual core 800MHz, now I have dual core 2.0/2.9GHz!
And the new one has 2 RJ45 (1Gig) lines for fail-over. I did notice a slight increase in transfer speed (110Mbps vs 100Mbps). Though, I haven't tried the usb copy function yet.

Things I've noticed that Synology still hasn't changed: a shitty fan.
The fan has got this annoying ticking sound. The work version (DS215se) had this too, while my old one (DS215J) doesn't. So very random..
I "fixed" it at work buy replacing the fan with a Noctua, which I'm gonna do with the new one too.

Now I could ask for a support ticket but then I have to send it back to the seller and wait out the rma process. In today's standards that will take weeks. Plus I have shit to backup and fast! Not to mention all my fav series to sha..erm see.


Nice! Looks like a worthwhile upgrade.
Maybe sell the old one on ebay?


Now what should I do with the old one?