Smiling again

A couple of weeks back I had 2 inflammations; one above the front tooth, later one above the right top molar. After the medicinal treatment three teeth had to the market, which didn't leave much left in my upper jaw.
So today I have a (partial) denture. Not really a fun experience (anesthesia) but at least I have a full set o' teeth and I can smile again.

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Fun fact: It's estimated the natural life of an average human, with out any of the modern things that keep us healthy, would be about 38 years :/

I'm pleased you have less pain now :)


Weekly update: The dentist did some fine tuning on the denture and now it doesn't hurt anymore. I'll have to return within 6 months because then the jaw will have settled again.

Humans aren't the best design at all. Sure, we can live just about everywhere but if you sleep in a weird angle your back hurts all day.
And decay starts at 40-ish, who they hell thought of that? I might live to be 100, that would be 60 years of torment ;)
Also why do males have nipples?


Humans seem to have the worst teeth design of any animal. We have incredible brains and bodies but our teeth are fucking shit!?! I hope things improve for you soon.

I've also noticed that my belly only gets bigger and never smaller regardless of any dieting. WTF is up with that!?! XD


Again sorry for your loss.

Currently it hurts like a mofo and the earliest I can see the dentist is Monday, so yay.
And because I still have too many teeth left (6) I couldn't go for a removable implant denture. Maybe I should 'accidentally' fall down a flight of stairs?

In other news: I lost 4 kg, now I weigh only 91 kg. :D Still with a beer belly though :(


>>37910 Cool! And they left gaps for you to fill in later. Gotta catch'em all!

I worry I may be in this boat, I have some cracked teeth that have been fixed but may not last forever :/

See for my current story...


Thank you, JC.

Warning: clean denture

How are things with you?


Bummer you had to go through that, but I'm pleased you can smile again.


*Shoot, I meant left molar. First an inflammation above the left molar then 2 had to go.