The future is now!

A true flying car that actually looks good. Massive wing though ;)

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I do wonder how safe it is though. It doesn't look like there is much crumple zone both vertical and horizontally. Also it's mos def not my kind of car as it's too low, I would break my back getting in and out ;)


that is quite a feat though. While functioning as both, it also has a pleasing appearance as both. Seeing it flying, one would make the assumption that it is a plane. On the road, it appears as an exotic auto. Well done Klein.


Fair point. I'll concede that at least this one is actually a car and a plane, unlike that recent one which was just a quadcopter with wheels.


Well it ain't a spitfire, nor a Bugatti, but you set the bar too high. Plus you can't afford a plane nor the Bugatti.


I have a funny feeling it'll be both shit as a car and a plane. I'd sooner have a dedicated car and plane myself. :D