The View From Stanner Rocks

I did a walk there on Monday. The view from the top is pretty impressive.

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>>34133 Ah. Since my cell phone remains 'off' most of the time, I do a lot more picture taking with the camera. Cell phones are king these days.


>>34132 That's Visitor45, I have a Nikon D7000, but I seem to use the camera in the phone more often than not.


I thought you owned a Cannon Rebel XTi. Maybe I'm mistaken.


Oh, with the FrankenPhone camera? Very nice, indeed.


It was only a 2 hour walk in total. The temperature was about 5C. The golf course, which is the highest in England, is off to the left of this image.
I took this photo with the google pixel camera which someone has kindly ripped of the pixel for use on other phones. The nokia camera doesn't currently have panorama.


Nice! So it took you a full day to walk? ;)
Isn't the weather a bit nippy for a (long) walk?

So where's the golf course or quarry in your view?