Storm Shit-Bucket, or whatever this storm is called, has been rattling my roof tiles loose all night and caused a major power cut in the area that has thankfully now been fixed. It's still windy as fuck though so maybe the power will go off again at some point :/


Or maybe it was the guy who made all those Nintendo Mii models XD


Recently had to buy a new stud finder after the old one died. I tested it on myself... ...stud status confirmed! XD


Thanks to "trade difficulties" the UK can't get the chemicals it needs to treat raw sewage and other waste water so the government has decided to allow water processing companies and any other businesses with waste water or raw sewage to just dump it in to a river or the sea.
#TurdReich has been trending in twitter in the UK :S









As you may know the Netherlands will host it's first GP for many years, and of course it will be the first home GP for Max Verstappen. To celebrate the speed signs around the town of Zandvoort are being changed to 33, Verstappen's number in F1 XD

Apparently Valentino Rossi's (Moto GP Legend) home town also did this a while back making the town speed limit 46.



So we now have a right to repair electronics goods but that excludes electronics goods. Sadly with the current UK government this makes perfect sense :/

I wonder how much Apple paid Boris for this.










I need to upgrade the OS on the server and it may require starting with a fresh install, so it could take a little while. I'll try the easy update method first.

I'm going to test a 'maintenance page' too, so hopefully you'll see that when the server is down.



A British redditor created this beautiful depiction of the Queen.

As you can imagine people were super impressed.

One person even described it as "Fresco Jesus level shit!".


I got a newer version of my previous router so I can still run the custom firmware. Thankfully setting it up went as smoothly as I could hope and with everything setup I still have plenty of settings storage for more settings. This means I'll be able to run more scripts and applications on my router to manage my network and keep everything working smoothly :)

I didn't bother going for a version with AX (wifi 6) because I don't have any devices that use it, the speed advantage is pretty small if anything and they are twice the price (over £300!)

You guys shouldn't notice any difference except I'll probably complain about router settings storage less, at least for a few years :D


I was searching for a better solution to having multiples apps on screen in windows without the hassle of having to position and size each one al the time. Thankfully MS PowerToys has a great solution that really should be part of win10 as standard instead of that 'hold windows key and press a cursor' bullshit.




So many dumb cunts moaning about finding hard to trade with the EU no that Brexit is final. What did they think would happen XD


I want a new monitor to use with my laptop at when I'm at my desk. It'll be for productivity, coding & 3D stuff mainly but also probably some gaming. 27" is the ideal size on my desk with my laptop next to it.
A 4K 144hz display is £750+ so I think that's out so the choice is either a 1440p@144Hz or a 4K@60Hz. Both options can have freesync.
My laptop rarely exceeds 60fps anyway so the 144hz is maybe not useful on most games I play. But thinking of the future I might build a new desktop, with probably 3080 or similar, some time in the next couple of years so maybe.

£400 would bet either the LG UltraGear 27GN850 1440p@144hz IPS or the LG 27UL850 4K@60Hz IPS

I don't know which right now!?!

Any thoughts?