...Now both my parents are gone it's time to sell the old family home, which I live in, and buy something with my share.

I have a buyer already which is awesome, and I got a got a good price too. So that's working out great...

...But trying to find a house to buy that meets my needs and I can afford, holy fuck it's hard :/

People are buying and selling houses at crazy speed and it's impossible to keep up. I'm going to look at a house tomorrow which would be perfect for me. I can afford the asking price and a little bit over, but I'm fairly sure it'll go for more than I can afford.

I'm having to consider houses 50+ miles from where I currently live just to try to find something!?!

This is why I've been neglecting the site lately, sorry about that.

Hopefully something works out for me soon because this is so stressful :/


What the fuck is wrong with some people !?! :/





I have many excellent Logitech devices, MX Master 3 Mouse, 2x MX Ergo Trackball, MX Keys Keyboard. I need a new keyboard for my little HTPC in my bedroom so it made sense to get another MX Keys keyboard. This time I got the mini version so it takes up less space.


It doesn't work with the unifying receiver like all the other devices! No, this is a 'business' keyboard so it requires a Logitech Bolt receiver !?! The 2 receivers are not compatible in any way and all devices will only work one or the other, never both!?!

But there's more. The MX Keys Mini, unlike all the other logitech devices I have didn't even come with the receiver! It's an extra £20!

I could just use it with Bluetooth except for the fact that when I need to make a choice on the bootloader screen bluetooth isn't enabled.

I think I'll just return the fucking thing and get the full size MX Keys that will do everything I need for the same price!




This is too perfect XD



Sadly this drive, which is only 9 months old, has started developing bad sectors resulting in data loss >:(
This isn't the usual 'wear and tear' for an SSD :/

I have backups of the important stuff but it's a pain in the arse as this drive has almost all my games on it. In order to save from massive downloads I'm currently backing up everything I can and I'll let Steam verify it all and download only what's needed.

I just got an ADATA Durable 5TB external hdd so I'm copying stuff to that. I'm surprised that for an external HDD it's actually pretty quick. Much faster than the shitty generic chinese hdd caddies I use with old hdd's :)


The amazing Anotonov AN-255 has been destroyed by Russian missiles while in it's hangar in Ukraine.

Another pointless act by a pathetic human being.



...for a 20 episode run of new episodes on Hulu in 2023. Original team and main cast expected to be the same as before. Sweet!





Literally! For some reason my phone line and my neighbours phone line became crossed over on Saturday morning!?!

Thankfully an engineer showed up this morning (Wednesday) to sort it out.

I don't know how they managed to do it but I was getting their phone calls and they were getting mine and both of our internet connections failed :/


...I just... ...I... ...Why?


I guess it's been a few years that I've been gaming on this Alienware 17R4 and not so surprisingly the thermal paste and pads are not working as well as they did when new. I've ordered some paste and pads and fingers crossed they will fix the thermal throttling.

I'll also give the fans and cooling fins a good clean too while it's all apart.






Storm Shit-Bucket, or whatever this storm is called, has been rattling my roof tiles loose all night and caused a major power cut in the area that has thankfully now been fixed. It's still windy as fuck though so maybe the power will go off again at some point :/


Or maybe it was the guy who made all those Nintendo Mii models XD


Recently had to buy a new stud finder after the old one died. I tested it on myself... ...stud status confirmed! XD


Thanks to "trade difficulties" the UK can't get the chemicals it needs to treat raw sewage and other waste water so the government has decided to allow water processing companies and any other businesses with waste water or raw sewage to just dump it in to a river or the sea.
#TurdReich has been trending in twitter in the UK :S