I've wanted a milling machine for a very long time and finally saved up enough pennies to get one. It's only a small one suitable for hobby work but it'll probably do anything I want.

It's a SEIG SX2P in case you were wondering.

I already have some modifications in mind like a tachometer & DRO (digital read out) for the X, Y & Z axis.




100% Genuine!
Also 100% Yikes!!!


Just got Forza Horizons 4 Ultimate for £37. I tell the store to install it and seconds later I have this mess in my Start menu. And this isn't even all of it, there are other cars listed elsewhere!?!


On Thursdays a twig poked me in my eye. By Friday I couldn't open my eye at all. I went to a pharmacist to get some ointment but they wanted me to go to A&E. So I ended up having to go to Accident & Emergency to get it checked and saw a doctor who said it looked scratched and that I would have to got back on Saturday to see an eye specialist. So I go back to see the eye specialist and they confirm a big deep scratch which is thankfully above my area of vision. I now have to put 2 types of ointment in my eye every hour for a week. Thankfully this afternoon I can finally open my right eye again for most of the time, but my vision is a bit blurry.
Thankfully my eye should repair fully soon.


Thankfully my house is fine and doesn't look like it will flood, but at least one of my neighbours down the road has water in their house and roads are flooded all over the place.
I'm going to keep yelling at the clouds until they go away!


Switched from the RasPi to the Odroid. Report any problems in this thread or email admin@merlins-bar.com


I was eating my lunch today and there was a bang on the window and I saw some feathers. I looked outside to see a Buzzard had decided to have some lunch also, a Collard Dove in this case :/

After posing for photos the Buzzard flew off with the Dove in it's talons. I assume to make a delicious pie for all the family.




But seriously WTF is up with his hair :S


1K for a fucking monitor stand! Apple really are a disgusting company.
Hey Tim, take you half eaten apple and fuck off.


I've been wanting a little computer as power efficient as a RasPi3 but with more power, USB3 and Gb ethernet. The Odroid N2 is exactly that :)

It officially supports Android 9 and Ubuntu Mate but people are working on other versions on Linux as well as the usual RasPi OS's.

I'm thinking I might move the web server over to this at some point but I'll play around with it for a while first..

Link to main info page:

I also got the dark case and 32Gb eMMC drive too (you'll find them on that site) :)


I had a problem on the raspi server that caused the site to go down for a while. Not quite sure when the problem started but it should be good now.
Essentially an external drive failed and so the raspi filled the sd card with data that should have been on the external drive. Once the sd card was full the raspi refused to function :/
Took a little time to fight my way through all the various file permission issues and delete the unwanted data to get things back to normal.


I awoke today to find it snowing. It lasted about 2 hours.
Then it rained for about 2 hours.
Then it was almost sunny for about 2 hours.
Then it was hail for an hour.
Then it was thunder and lightning for 20 minutes.
Then it was sleet for 30 minutes.



My old trackball died a little while a go so I got by just using the touchpad on my laptop, but sometimes the touchpad just work as well as a mouse or trackball. The MX Ergo is pretty expensive, £73, but I'm impressed with the feel and quality. It works perfectly for games and 3D work where the touchpad just isn't ideal, and it's prefect on the arm of the sofa too where a mouse wouldn't work very well :)


Keith Flint was part of The Prodigy which was a music group I loved right from the start. I'm truly bummed to see a legend like him go so soon.




WTF!?! Is this supposed to be some kind of DIY stem cell therapy???
W T F ! XD



Ugh! (that really is all I can think of to say :/)


My Snapsoid Halloween competition Pumpkin (Applekin) from many years ago


After the expense of the summer on the house I delayed buying new drives for my laptop. Thankfully the time has come for a new 1Tb 970 Evo SSD for the OS and apps and a 2Tb HDD for my data and less used apps.

Instead of just cloning the current drives I'm going to start from scratch so I'll be probably be switching drives back and forth for a few days as it will take ages to get it all setup again!

Let the battle commence!!! :D


Burt Reynolds 1936-2018. So many great films :)