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>>25 Look in to it and let me know what has to be done :)


a random image search on google for any keyword(s), let's say "ugly horseface gingerbread girl", should at least result in merlin's bar appearing and not just pictures of horses and britney spears. :)

i guess i am wondering how best to make the content of this site appear in a search engine so we can generate more visitors.

i found snaps on a search engine. but tjp did not have the desire or ability or whatever to market the site and draw a larger crowd.


>>20 Wait, what!?!?!


i meant tags for searches made outside of this website, say, on google or your other favorite search engines. ;)


>>12 Give me a chance... :D


At least you won't cut your hand coding the website! ;D


>>10 Having fun!?!? Hardly, I want to be carving bowls and platers not coding websites!!! :D
Tags is on the list for the future, but the existing search system is very powerful and should help you search for precise threads and comments.
>>9 There never is!?!?! :D


as long as you're having fun behind the scenes, jesuschrist, i wonder if there is an easy way (for you) to arrange a way where we (us) can add "tags" to our individual posts.. :)


No pressure! :p


I don't understand what has happened :/ I've made some small changes to the site code which remove any possibility that my code could delete the databases, even though it was incredibly unlikely it was the problem. I'll work on an auto backup tomorrow :\


godaddy can't possibly have a good excuse this time! sheesh..


maybe it's time to leave daddy..


I see it slipped into a coma again! It happened when I tried to upload a pic! :(