VR Ready!

I decided it was time to dive in to VR! So I bought the Oculus Rift, cause it's a bit cheaper than the vive.

First thing I tried out (after the Rift robo demo) was Google Earth. And wow, I'm a giant!

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Glad to be of help :D


>>34181 Oh, no I haven't got round to that yet. I might need to get a new google cardboard for my nokia phone as it's larger than the old sony...

...Great! >:( Thanks a bunch! Now I've just wasted £9 on some plastic crap on ebay! Can't wait for it to arrive XD


I meant the 360 photos on your samsung/google VR glass thing.


Witcher 2? No. Ansel? Yes, I posted something in the ansel thread a while back.

(1061.6 Kb, 2560x1440)

It's such a shame ANSEL only works with just a few games. 360 photos on the Oculus Rift looks spectacular! I wish it would work with the Witcher 2.

Have you tried it?


>>34147 Sweet! All is good in the world...

(33.3 Kb, 500x298)
Mark just hates them

Small update: Rick & Morty is fun! I wasn't playing it right.
You really need to set the right sound, I had it on the 5.1 speaker system instead of the headset. And that proofed a big mistake. So new score is 9/10


>>34143 This all sounds promising. Shame about rick and morty, a review I saw made it sound pretty sweet. But the big question is what does oculus rift have against moustaches! The plot thickens!!!


Just played Rick and Morty, Blade Runner 2049, Bullet Train, BBC Home - Spacewalk, The Talos Principle, and Project Cars.

- Rick and Morty is meh. Not much to do. But being inside the cartoon is funny, however it contains no story..yet?
You move by sort-of-jumping (I'll call it portal) (press A) to fixed spots and rotating your body, which isn't handy atm cause my sensors are only at the front. 5/10

- Blade Runner 2049 is obviously a stunt to watch the movie but it is enjoyable. And there is a story.
Again you move by portal (using the analog stick; better) that also can change the direction you look at, you can move anywhere you want.
It is way too short though.. But it looks 'real' and has superb sound, so I give it a 8/10.

- Bullet Train is an arcade shooter. Avoid the bullets Matrix-style and kill the baddies. You can dual wield :D Haven't figured out all the controls yet but it was intense!
You move by jumping (side button) and rotating your body (see R&M for issue), but you can move anywhere.
Story is shoot and survive, which is good enough for me. It looks less realistic but good enough and the guns look fantastic, aiming is spot on (even has ads). 9/10

- BBC Home is a ISS Spacewalk that isn't a cake walk. It looks damn impressive to see earth from space (week knee moment!) and the detail of my spacesuit and surrounding looked fabulous.
The only downside was that the movement was mediocre to outright poor (it didn't detect my hands until they where over my head). But, for a free game, it's great. 8/10

- The Talos Principle is a puzzle game that works really well on a non VR pc because of quick movement and easy controls. Not so much in VR.
The movement is portal, then using the analog stick to rotate your body. However you can see 360 degrees. Because of this movement is much slower but you can go everywhere.
I hope they altered the game cause in the non vr version speed was important. Anyway it has beautiful graphics, it's atmospheric, and runs smooth. 8/10

- Project Cars (1) is, yep you guessed it, a racing game. :O
In this game you just need the couch, a steering wheel (preferred) and pedals. It really looks like you are in a car, it is very lifelike! 10/10

Still more to do: Star Trek!

And I cut my mustache off and low and behold no more foggy glasses!


There's an adjustment to slide the lenses closer or wider but not to increase or decrease the distant to your eyes. It has to do with my hot head.. Maybe add a small gap near the nose would work, so a bit of ventilation can happen.. Or cut my mustache.. done the latter, will check out Rick & Morty today!

Hulk no smash. Hulk too happy.

>>34139 = the view from Lt Hoyle >>34138 My captain, my captain is a dude. BTW, the game can also be played without vr-headset!


>>0 Did you "Hulk Smash" that ship? :D

>>34137 So there's no dioptre adjustment on the headset?

>>34139 "You have a woman's hands my lord!"

You should check out the Rick & Morty game. It's apparently pretty good.

(2727.9 Kb, 2560x1440)

Oh boy! Gonna get killed in space!

(2698.6 Kb, 2560x1440)
Oh yeah!

Of Course I didn't buy the headset for Google earth..

(34.9 Kb, 1024x1024)

Mah avatar.

So far the experience is weird, awesome, scary at times, and a bit frustrating. The frustrating bit is my glasses or foggy glasses to be more exact. Lifting the vr-headset for a small time works and then adjusting the straps. Another small issue, in at least Google Earth, is motion sickness. It's really weird.. Also the graphics are better with the glasses; the snaps seem to be made from the tiny windowed "game" running on the desktop.

(458.6 Kb, 1344x856)
Near Hollywood

Also flew over my house ;)

(201.2 Kb, 1344x856)

Did I spot Tiny Trump? Nah..can't zoom in that far.

(300.5 Kb, 1344x856)

Flying over New York city, checking out all the tiny towers. Also I never knew just how tiny Lady Liberty is compared to the rest.