Where's everybody?

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>>33898 thanks, I'll look into it.


I use phone warrior to help block unwanted calls and text messages, you might want to take a look, or at least search for community based phone blockers.

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No that wasn't it. A long time ago I got calls and texts from "Microsoft" and got fed up. So I turned off the setting 'Allow foreign phone calls'. And as shit goes I forgot to turn it back on.
My mum has the same sim card subscription and she could makes calls to all except me.

Switzerland had all the snow. And great weather too. Bastards


Seeing as Switzerland isn't in the EU I guess the EU wide roaming phone signal doesn't happen :/ Next time just get a pay as you go sim and you'll be able to text or email family, it's what my brother does.
So is that the last bit of snow in Europe? ;P

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I was in Switzerland

>>33881 Oh dear oh dear. I hope you're feeling a bit better now.

>>33890 btw, the pic is my internet speed, not my phone. I have no idea how fast my mobile phone's wifi/4G is but I can watch 1080p videos on youtube without buffering.

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I just found out my mobile phone hasn't got any signal outside the Netherlands. Nobody could reach me and I couldn't call anyone (except the emergency services). Wifi did work though.

As for at home (see pic), I can still upgrade to double for just 30 euro per month. But this is fast enough (for now).


I did some tests with my phone and the 4G signal gets me 30mbps down and 10mbps up. Compared to the 12mbps down and 1mbps up I get down the phone line it's clear that once unlimited data on 4G becomes available for a good price I'll be dumping the phone line completely. Sadly I fear that may be a long time coming :/


>>33881 AT & T has install a lot of fiber optic here and I've noticed somewhat of a faster computer. The line to the house is still coax cable, though. Dunno too much about cell phones; I just have one for emergencies and pay 6 bucks a month. All it does is make and receive calls and I only log about 10 min. a month (max).


>>33878 Other than a sinus problem draining me of my energy and not being able to escape BT, or companies they own, everything is just rosy :D

At least I have slightly quicker internet speeds now, about 12mbps down and 1mbps up. And I spoke with my mobile phone provider today and got a nice upgrade for nothing. I'm with EE, also owned by BT (grrr!), and I'm going from 0.5Gb to 6Gb a month with unlimited calls and texts and wifi calls and texts for £12 a month. Not too bad :)
I'm slowly working on the 3D printer. Most of the upgrades are done now so I must update that thread soon.
And I can't sleep, which is why I'm writing this at 5am having not slept yet :/

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Hello BT here, is this the number of JC?

>>33870>>33871 herro! How's life?


And I'm back, after my internet got cut off for a week! Fuck You British Telecom! :)


Ummm, still occasionally stopping by.

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>>33846 You do not need to apologize, nobody does here. You have wetter things to consider.

>>33849 I do have GoT withdraw symptoms atm.. And Twin Peaks will end soon too :( But South Park will return!


>>33844 ME and sinus problems :/

*If you'd like to see more of our guest barmaid you'll need to watch Wynonna Earp.

>>33846 It's all good :)


I've fallen down on the job around here concerning support. I apologize for that. I've been hanging out with you guys for too long not to pay you more attention.
I got side-tracked.
I'll try and do better.


thank you :D

Is it the humidity? I'm always feeling flushed if the humidity goes above 90%, like today (91%).

Or your MS/SM/ME (sorry I forget)?

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Sorry, not too well lately. It's hard to find words or connect with the world sometimes :/

Don't worry, the barmaid will be with you shortly.