The new walking dead games looks amazing XD

It's looks almost as good as that recent Gollum game!


In the UK the main opposition party to the government managed to get a enquiry started on Boris Johnsons, and the government of the time, handling of the pandemic. The group running the enquiry are currently interviewing various people about what happened. They also already have emails and phone messages from that time from most of the people involved. Some of the revelations are mind blowing, like BJ thinking that a video he saw on youtube of a guy blowing a hair dryer up his nose was a viable way to deal with with covid! He then raised this issue with the UK's 2 top scientific advisers in a top level government meeting!?!?!

This video is a great guy called Phil who talks about UK politics every day. He often talks about Brexit disasters and government corruption. I enjoy his videos, but it's a shame it's real and not a comedy!





...wait... ...Some cunt's knocked it down!

Sadly I'm not joking. My new house is a semi-detached so I share a wall, and a chimney, with the house next door. The house next door is a rental and the owners have been doing repairs on the properties they own. They have been replacing roof tiles and removing the end chimneys, each house has a chimney on the end of and a shared chimney in the middle. I guess they think removing the chimney means less to go wrong and less chance of it leaking in the future.

The other two houses they own locally have already been done and they only removed the end chimney and left the middle chimney alone. For some reason today they started on my neighbours roof and before anyone knew what was happening they removed the middle chimney. It's a major fuck up!

It is without question illegal to dismantle someone's property without them giving permission first, and I wouldn't have given permission anyway. I have taken photos of the hole in the roof where the chimney was as well as the numerous damaged tiles where bricks from the chimney rolled down the roof and broke them.

Thankfully my neighbour next door is great and she's given me the name and mobile phone number of the person managing the repairs. I've sent them a message and will hopefully hear back soon. I'm going to wait and see how they react before I do anything else. Once I get a feeling for how they are I will decide whether to take legal action against them or not.

I've only been in this house just over a week and some bastard has already fucked it up!

Other than this I'm enjoying being in my new home.


Moving done, sort of. After 3 box van loads of shit moved there is still another 1 left at the old house. I'll get it one day but for now fuck that.

I have stuff every where it's going to take months to sort it out :/

Charlie cat seems to be happy enough. He's enjoying exploring the new house and sleeping on the carpets.

I am exhausted and hurt like hell! What a time to be alive!

Also Futurama is back, so that's nice. And the last series of Archer soon.


I'm moving this weekend and the server will be down from Saturday or Sunday until Monday. It's possible it'll be down Friday and may be intermittently up and down as I move stuff around in old house getting ready to move.

Moving is so much fun :/


So I just got confirmation from the local authority that I can build a workshop in my garden exactly where I want it.

Normally I wouldn't need permission for this as it's below a minimum size that requires planning permission, but because of the strange fact that my house is effectively built back to front means I had to get permission. *The back door of my new house is actually the front door!?!? XD

In the UK you need planning permission to build a shed in front of a house but not behind it. It's all pretty confusing! XD

But the good news is I can go ahead with it whenever I want without needing any other checks or permission.

I won't be building it until I live there, whenever that is, but it's good to know it won't be a problem.


26C but the humidity feel like 200% :S

There is also the sounds of thunder now so humidity is likely to get worse this evening :(


Why does this even exist!?! XD



Well there was a little power cut last night and the server rebooted. That's ok, it can cope with that. However I had fucked up my openvpn configuration, from months ago, and accidentally left my client connection details in the wrong place. On rebooting those client connections kicked in and caused the server to be unreachable. I didn't know that was the problem and have spent hours trying to figure it out. Problem is now identified and fixed.

Just another 'Go Fuck Yourself' from the universe :/



Today I have undertaken surgery on my original MX Ergo to replace the switches which had become a little trigger happy.

I'm pleased to announce the surgery has been a complete success. The original Omron switches have been removed and replaced with higher quality Kalih GM 8.0 switches which are quieter and will last much longer.

The patient is now fully recovered and back to work.







The site might be down for a while from the 15th depending on how much the phone company fuck up switching me to a new internet provider. Hopefully it all goes smoothly and you won't notice anything... ...but past experiences suggest it could be a bumpy ride.


It's normal for the DPC (Damp Proof Course) to be above floor level with a solid (Concrete) floor but with a suspended wooden floor it should be below the joists, not above!

This is the damp problem in my new house I have to fix. It's very unusual, in the UK at least, to have suspended wooden floor and solid on the ground floor level of a house. This is why the DPC is wrong for the timber floor side. The reason my house is like this is because it's built on a hill and they clearly couldn't be bothered with getting lots of infill to do all solid floors.

I will have to replace the floor joists and fit them on hangers instead of fitting them in to the brickwork. I will also be adding tanking (a cement based slurry) that will waterproof the brickwork from the DPC down to just below the joists which will protect them from moisture in the brickwork. I'll insulate between the joists too. Hopefully the existing floorboards can be reused.

On the concrete & tile side I'll take up the tile and paint a damp proof membrane (DPM) on to the surface and up the wall to the DPC. I'll then add a thin insulating board and thin tiles on top.



In the UK it's 370 euros per MWh !?!?!

Fucking insane!


Cold as fuck in the UK, -9 last night. We had some snow last Sunday which is still around because it's not warm enough to melt. Makes a change from the bizarrely warm weather in the autumn.

Ho ho ho,and all that bollocks.


I got a letter today from my local council to offer me £50 to help with my energy bills as I'm ill and unable to work.

Very nice! That will be very helpful... ...Oh, wait. I must have photo ID and I must go to a post office within 7 days to get it. Most people in the UK who don't currently drive don't have photo ID, that would be me. I also have no way of getting to a post office. Also why limit it to 7 days?

The letter says I should email the council if I have questions, so I have. I received an automated response telling me that they are very busy and will try to respond to me within 21 days!?!

Most of the people being given this money will never be able to get it!

This is life in Conservative Britain.

Give with one hand and take it back with the other!




Well, not really, it's all fine again.

The server had been misbehaving again, although it didn't affect this website at all. I had both raid arrays drop a drive and refuse to re-sync. I don't understand why but I think the controllers in the external drives I was using for my back raid arrays were causing issues. Luckily the external drives are just internal drives with a sata controller attached and sealed in a plastic box. I removed the drives and have fitted them in pairs in to 2 drive docking stations. Thankfully they now resync and work as they should, at least for now.

I also had an issue with the second ethernet controller. It refused to work so I replaced it. The replacement refused to work so I put the original one back in and it works great!?! I don't understand why but I don't have much time so I'm happy with it! XD

And now I can get back to trying to move house... ...the long wait continues :/



My mind is blown :/



...Now both my parents are gone it's time to sell the old family home, which I live in, and buy something with my share.

I have a buyer already which is awesome, and I got a got a good price too. So that's working out great...

...But trying to find a house to buy that meets my needs and I can afford, holy fuck it's hard :/

People are buying and selling houses at crazy speed and it's impossible to keep up. I'm going to look at a house tomorrow which would be perfect for me. I can afford the asking price and a little bit over, but I'm fairly sure it'll go for more than I can afford.

I'm having to consider houses 50+ miles from where I currently live just to try to find something!?!

This is why I've been neglecting the site lately, sorry about that.

Hopefully something works out for me soon because this is so stressful :/