UK Covid Enquiry

In the UK the main opposition party to the government managed to get a enquiry started on Boris Johnsons, and the government of the time, handling of the pandemic. The group running the enquiry are currently interviewing various people about what happened. They also already have emails and phone messages from that time from most of the people involved. Some of the revelations are mind blowing, like BJ thinking that a video he saw on youtube of a guy blowing a hair dryer up his nose was a viable way to deal with with covid! He then raised this issue with the UK's 2 top scientific advisers in a top level government meeting!?!?!

This video is a great guy called Phil who talks about UK politics every day. He often talks about Brexit disasters and government corruption. I enjoy his videos, but it's a shame it's real and not a comedy!

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It's hard to find a decent politician :/

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Mark Rutte, former PM

He sounds like our PM. At least he was integer during Covid but he's still an asshat


It's all going just fine. BoJo was interrogated for 2 days this week and he let us all know it wasn't his fault, everything was fine and that we shouldn't worry about it.

It's good to know the 10's of thousands of excess deaths weren't real and that billions of pounds given to the people who funded his success for nothing in return was just made up.

Rishi Sunak is to give evidence next week about why he pushed a scheme to give people money to go and eat in restaurants during covid, despite scientists saying it was madness. It caused the second long lockdown and cost thousands of lives, but that's ok right.

Fun times.

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So how's the inquiry going?


What was happening back then was widely known, but rarely reported in the media. Hopefully this enquiry will make more people aware of just how terrible these conservative arseholes are.

Everyday there is another revelation of horrific behaviour by these conservative arseholes.

Thankfully the end is in sight. We have to have an election by the end of January 2025 and the polls show that the conservatives have no chance of winning.


But the people already knew BJ was and is an imbecile, now it's official?