We're Back!

Moving done, sort of. After 3 box van loads of shit moved there is still another 1 left at the old house. I'll get it one day but for now fuck that.

I have stuff every where it's going to take months to sort it out :/

Charlie cat seems to be happy enough. He's enjoying exploring the new house and sleeping on the carpets.

I am exhausted and hurt like hell! What a time to be alive!

Also Futurama is back, so that's nice. And the last series of Archer soon.

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I'm paying £27 a month for 72Mbps Down & 19Mbps Up. I did get a letter through the door saying full-fibre is now available through some private company but I think you have to pay to get it installed, plus a higher monthly cost. I don't really need the extra speed that much.

*Checks To-Do List* Next is... ...Everything.


>>38343 I guess that's the price to pay for living in the county, which isn't that bad tbh.

Next year some of the cable companies are going to deploy fiber here, which hopefully means I finally can upload tons and tons of racing videos :D
I currently have 1Gbps down but only 75 Mbps up through a coax connection (partially copper/fiber) and the offer was for a year at half price. Which means in november it will be full price and it's steep at €75 per month; but it does also includes digital HD tv channels (which I don't use).

When the new fiber is deployed the cost of the cheapest 1Gbps/1Gbps Up&Down will be 'only' €35 per month, without tv channels.


Anyway what's next to do on the To-Do-List? Bedroom, kitchen, or Shed?


>>38342 So true :D

A nice little extra with the move is that I now have full speed on my 38Mbps down and 9Mbps up internet connection. Within a few days it will be updated to 72Mbps down and 19Mbps up. So much nicer than the old 12Mbps down and 1Mbps up! :)


Cat before man? You truly are his servant, ey? ;)


Charlie now has a cat flap and a fence off safe area so he get get used to where we live now. I put the litter tray outside the door by his cat flap. Hopefully tonight when he wants the toilet he'll go outside to use the tray, or just outside like normal. He spent most of the day outside sunbathing so he knows the tray is out there. We'll see how things go.

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sorry, that brought back memories


"The house smells like a cat litter tray"



A new Futurama season is currently airing on Hulu, 5 episodes so far, and next year we'll get another new season :)

The house smells like a cat litter tray!?! Charlie can't go out yet to do his business, but I hope to get something sorted out for him today so he can.

Take care and relax, that's an order!

Congrats!! Does it smell fresh? ;)

And Futurama is back?!