One of the lovely chimneys on my new house...

...wait... ...Some cunt's knocked it down!

Sadly I'm not joking. My new house is a semi-detached so I share a wall, and a chimney, with the house next door. The house next door is a rental and the owners have been doing repairs on the properties they own. They have been replacing roof tiles and removing the end chimneys, each house has a chimney on the end of and a shared chimney in the middle. I guess they think removing the chimney means less to go wrong and less chance of it leaking in the future.

The other two houses they own locally have already been done and they only removed the end chimney and left the middle chimney alone. For some reason today they started on my neighbours roof and before anyone knew what was happening they removed the middle chimney. It's a major fuck up!

It is without question illegal to dismantle someone's property without them giving permission first, and I wouldn't have given permission anyway. I have taken photos of the hole in the roof where the chimney was as well as the numerous damaged tiles where bricks from the chimney rolled down the roof and broke them.

Thankfully my neighbour next door is great and she's given me the name and mobile phone number of the person managing the repairs. I've sent them a message and will hopefully hear back soon. I'm going to wait and see how they react before I do anything else. Once I get a feeling for how they are I will decide whether to take legal action against them or not.

I've only been in this house just over a week and some bastard has already fucked it up!

Other than this I'm enjoying being in my new home.

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I remembered to take a photo :D


I keep forgetting to take a picture! XD


So how does the new chimney look? And does it function properly?


It is, but I can't really see it until the scaffolding is taken down on Monday or Tuesday.


And? Is it erected? The chimney I mean. ;)


Scaffolding went up around the area where the chimney was today, Tuesday. Bricklayers are coming tomorrow, Wednesday, morning to rebuild the chimney.


Thankfully they came to see me today and apologised. They are going to rebuild the chimney as well as check for ant damage that may have been caused and fix that too. That will included replacing all the broken tiles. They have also agreed to replace any other tiles on the roof that had previously got damaged. There are only a few but it will save me a job and expense. All this work will be carried out without any cost to me. I'm hopeful they actually sort it out, we'll be going to court if they fuck up again.

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More wood please, Reginald.

Wow, the fucking nerve. Does this mean you can't heat the house? Do you have a fireplace or modern central heating? I hope they will restore it even better than before and for free of course.
It's like those assholes across the street who needed to do work on the roof on a Sunday evening! (legally not allowed, no police showed up because they can't be arsed)