Charlie, Absorber of the Sun and Guardian of the Stairs.

*Note the beautiful carpet and lovely wood-chip wallpaper :/

I look forward to redecorating this house and getting rid of the all the old wallpaper and carpets :D

Charlie is doing well for 16. He has to have steroid injections every 3 weeks to help him out but for an old cat he's very happy.

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>>38463 The netting was black with gold sparkly bits on it. I guess it was 'decorative' but it was fugly and had to go.


Wow, that's a whole lot of different colors.
Also, netting? In the bathroom? Was he a fisherman? Or she a mermaid?


It appears the bathroom may have been painted glossy dark red at one time. I found the colour on the wall above the bathroom window when I had to remove a bar of wood that was used previously to hold some netting or similar shit!?!

I also have a black carpet in my bedroom, it shows every tiny bit of dirty! And the blind in my bedroom is purple but lights up my room pink when the sun shines through in the morning XD

I've also noticed the drainage pipes on the back of the house, which are currently painted black, used to be painted green!

(477.7 Kb, 736x551) velvet

Are you gonna make at least one room (Victorian) red?


Sadly the wood-chip is on all the ceilings as well as the walls! I don't think this house has seen much work since the 80's, it's very dated.

Most rooms have carpet and the rest are laminate floor. I'm not sure what I'll do for flooring. It'll be a while before I replace it so I have time to think about it :D

(375.3 Kb, 694x960)

Hey Charlie, pspspsps


He looks very pretty. That wall was very in back in the late 70's. My parents house have/had those walls too. Real tedious to get off too.

Does the carpet continue through the halls? What will you do, bare bottom stairs or different colour carpet?