Package delivery ... ..- -.-. -.-

A certain package delivery company can't seem to find the doorbell on my apartment, yet claim they rang and 'missed me' or 'you weren't home' on the day I was home. That same company has the worlds shittiest app and call-center, which costs me money. And on top of that the delivery scheduled dates and times are way to optimistic.

Not that a the national postal service is any better at the moment considering they lost a package :(

Rant off.

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All courier companies are shit sadly.

I had a company a few years ago tell me they left my parcel at my front door and included a photo of a house I've never seen before and I still don't know where it is!?! They insisted it was my house even though I'm pretty sure I know where I live. In the end the company I had purchased the item from sent it again with a different company! :D


Update: Package lost :(

New package send..hopefully it will arrive.


Edit: the call to center cost 1 euro per minute. The app is free but it's utter shit and doesn't have all the functions that the website does provides.