Server May Be Down At Times For OS Upgrade...

I need to upgrade the OS on the server and it may require starting with a fresh install, so it could take a little while. I'll try the easy update method first.

I'm going to test a 'maintenance page' too, so hopefully you'll see that when the server is down.

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Seems to have been a database permissions problem with the retro added procedures. Hopefully working now.


When I post the pic I get the error from

Going back to the homepage and press F5 will show the post though.


>>37290>>37291 no, too early to celebrate. I just got another SQL error. I see copy the text didn't work javascript:history.back()


>>37290 Noice!


No, it's back to "normal"


>>37282 Hopefully that is fixed, if not post back.

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latest pics aren't found


So I can't post any new pictures anymore. I guess you are doing an upgrade or whatever you do to hack the system.


You'd probably need to unlock the bootloader and manually install the version you wanted. Normally when you unlock the bootloader any data is deleted automatically so backup everything first. Once the bootloader is unlocked you could also root the phone but the phone wouldn't be considered secure by android then so things like banking apps would no longer work. And yes it is all a pain in the arse and hardly worth the effort! XD


I wish it was easier to go back to whatever version you like. But they really don't like that..


>>37044 Android feels like it's getting worse with each version, thanks to Google, and then you add on a fresh coating of shit by companies like Samsung and you have the stinking turd that you hold in your hand.

It's called progress, or something, and people like us simply can't understand it.


Samsung, wtf did you do with version One UI 3.1?!
The UI is a mess, the frames are all over the place (hiccups and shit) and the battery seems to drain quicker.


I was hoping to use a simple http server on the router to provide a maintenance page but I had issues with it not having SSL built in. Rather than spend a long time trying to get that working I decided not to use it. Hopefully I'll get it working at some point though so you guys can see when I'm doing maintenance or otherwise if something has gone wrong.

Testing on the backup system is going fine so far.

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cool cool cool

I didn't see a maintenance page :(


Looks like it was a mistake by the kernel builder for my system. There is an updated kernel this morning that includes the missing modules for raid drives.

I'll keep testing on my backup system for now and when I'm happy I'll update this server.


So the easy update method didn't work. Not that surprising as arm64 support in linux is still in the early stages.

I installed the fresh latest os and spent a little while setting up the usual basic regional stuff and user details. When I got to trying to install the raid drives I found the required kernel module is for some reason not built in as it has been before, I couldn't find a reason. So now I need to investigate why that is and how to make it work, which may require building the kernel from source which is a pain in the arse.

We'll stick to the current system for now while I look further in to this. I can test on my backup system so I shouldn't need to take this one down again until I want to do the final upgrade.

Fell free to carry on as usual...