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>>36653 Improvise, adapt, and make more money.


>>36651 Agreed, we'll see soon enough which companies have been profiteering when they have to announce profits and investor dividends.


>>36649 I notice the price of food more than anything else since it's the one thing I buy most often. Hamburger meat has increased almost $2 a pound and that's just out-and-out robbery. I think some stores are using this virus as an excuse to raise prices and the wages haven't increased that much either.


Prices for many things are higher this year in the UK, but Brexit is probably part of that problem. Many things that are only produced in China have been harder to get. I noticed the price of 3D printer filament had nearly doubled for the Chinese makers so I made the switch to European made filament which is really nice stuff and now slightly cheaper.

My bread maker broke earlier in the year and figured as it was old it would be worth looking for a new one. I could only find 2 models available. A really shit one for £80 or a crazy expensive top of the range one at £280. I decided to fix my old one for £10 XD


>>36643 Material costs have increased some in Houston but now as much as what you're describing. Wow! That's a helluva an increase for one 2X4. My area is booming in the construction of new apartment buildings. Traffic has gotten so bad on the freeways, folks are moving closer to downtown. I'm guessing it's the younger folks that don't have children and don't want a big house to take care of.
Home Depot and Lowe's have full parking lots all day long and one would never know there's a virus around... getting to be business as usual and to hell with getting sick.


>>0 May be interesting to see how that works out, huh?
I've seen several pictures on the internet of folks getting their vehicles inside some of those stores and just don't recall any store letting customers come inside. You buy lumber and haul it outside on one of the carts they provide. If you were allowed to take your truck inside, could you imagine the traffic jam?

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Dress for the job.

I can tell you some hardware in the IT-sector has become hard to get. Not sure it's because of Covid, tariffs, or bad business decisions (probably a mix of the three). SSD & memory prices are way down now and still readily available, so that's a plus.
Most online businesses are doing excellent this year which is no surprise really, and our postal services are doing great too. Other businesses that are depended on tourist are letting people go though.

Maybe it's time to go into the woods.

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wow, now that is innovative.

BTW, has anyone else been affected by or noticed the rise in construction material costs?

An 8 foot 2x4 that I bought in May was around $3 each, is now just under $7!

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