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>>36479 lol

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>>0 Grim
$26.00 T-Shirts, sweatshirts and more

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>>36450 I hear you loud and clear :D

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>>36446 For me, JC, politicians have a gift of gab and a relentless desire to sit on their asses and draw a paycheck without getting their fingers dirty. When I hear a politician say they wish to help their country, I have a great need to have a bowel movement. Power and easy money are the basics that drive those putzes into politics.
They'll promise anything to attain that position.
Now that you mention it, chickens don't live in pots!

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A car in every garage kind of makes sense but who wants a chicken in EVERY pot they own!?! Chickens don't even live in pots!!!

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Promises, promises. They come and they go.

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>>36439 Not just a British person, but one of my favorites.


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BAck to the original topic...I missed the point

yeah, Yosemite (Yo-Seh-Me-Tee). He should have been able to get that one right.

I know a few folks closely that speak well, and are well read, but when it comes to them reading out loud, they can butcher some words. They don't hear the word as they read it out loud, they just sound it out and it comes out funky. I myself struggled with Quinoa, until I read and heard it from someone else.
A Faux Pas (pronounced "Fox Paws") that's all they are, not a reflection of intelligence.


>>36436 As a British person I'm disgusted that a privileged few men thought it acceptable to try and take over the world, as are most people here in the UK. I'm very happy those countries are free to live life by their own rules now. The disruption and corruption some of those countries face today is a direct result of meddling by the British.
Britain was doing well in the 90's and early 2000's but the rise in far right beliefs is having very a damaging effect. Brexit is dumbest shit I've seen in my life time.
To be clear, I'm a free thinker, I subscribe to nobodies beliefs but my own. The country I was born is just that, it doesn't dictate who I am or what I think.

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Saw this today. Seemed fitting.

For the record, I accept the fact that people have some gaffs, and prefer my politicians to be less polished. Makes them more relatable. A few years back we had one that was purported to be an eloquent orator, but he was a con man in my opinion and achieved nothing but to divide a country, let boys proudly pretend to be girls (and vice versa) and use any bathroom they wish, along with lying about a youtube video and getting the boys in Bengazi killed, using illegal means to spy on an opposing candidate, made plans to collude with Russia on a hot mic (tell vlad I will have more flexibility on my next term), protected Clinton from the email scandal, blamed his predecsor for a bad economy, even in his second term when his party controlled the house, waged a war on coal and oil, raising my fuel prices way too high, his corruption was so apparent that he prosecuted anyone who would dare act as a whistleblower over his administration, Forced Obamacare on us, gave pallets of cash to bad actors in a midnight rendevous. Yeah, I don't trust the slick ones.


>>36433 I'm sorry but I will hold him for it. I get it if it's some name in Swahili or Japanese but this is from his own country. I guess he didn't watch much cartoons, or you know, do a proof read of his speech. If uncertain how to pronounce a word one could always look it up or ask someone.

As for the second question..
05:00 the date when we started to know about covid-19 and the dangers to the public health. Trump sure steamrolled over that.
10:00 "testing too much isn't good" "Read the manuals, read the books." Like what books and manuals?
12:00 "There was no test." Yeah, that's because it's a NEW virus.
13:16 Death and Charts, "death is..lower than the world" hahaha, pure gold.
13:46 the interviewers face. [meme]
14:20 Percentages is hard. I know, I struggle with them too but my calculator and google don't.
16:28 Putin bounties on American soldiers? Fake news. Btw, 17:07 Nuclear proliferation pronounced correctly
20:00 Amount of soldiers in Afghanistan. And 100% ISIS gone ..mmm (warning do not google ISIS)
22:15 The US in the Middle East was the single biggest mistake in the history of our country. (not Vietnam?)
22:27 Will you accept the result of the 2020 election? [I'm paraphrasing here] hIlArY cLinToN!
23:08 Mail-in Voting = bad mm'kay but Absentee voting is good. Just for a test I looked up Absentee voting USA.
25:41 Wishing a woman, who's been arrested for sex-trafficking, well
27:00 If a demonstration becomes violent you send in the police or even federals, I get that. But you don't use unmarked vans/(federal) agents. Hong Kong does that, don't go full China, America.
23:23 "I (Trump, not me) did more for the black community than.." Do I have to question this?
35:25 Talking about a dead man. If you don't know him and his work, just say so and move on. Why bring up if he came or didn't to your inauguration? Why does that even matter?

Sorry took so long to respond, work and some asshole {who stole my new quad) was driving up and down the street.

PS: Our prime-minister isn't great either. He laughs and smiles way too much, like he's a comedian. However when it comes to money he's like a proper Dutch.
The situation in the Netherlands, with Covid-19 in mind, is too soft; no masks and too slow to respond and too quick to say all is well. However you can get tested anywhere and for free.


>>0 Guess I have to give Trump the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the correct pronunciation of a word (Yosemite) when I can't even pronounce Isaias (hurricane that's battering our East coast right now).

But, moving on to your interview... was there any particular subject within the 40 minutes you'd call attention to?

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Shit wrong pic.