I made some better tool rests for my bench grinder

I've had this old bench grinder for a long time and the tool rests that came with it were crap. It's not my main tool sharpener, I have a Sorby Pro Edge for that, but it's still useful. Finally I've finished making some fully adjustable tool rests. They both tilt and adjust in height/length at the top and bottom, and have a slot in the top that fits all the accessories from my Sorby Pro Edge.

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>>36289 I do a lot of my sharpening by hand with diamond files, especially things like whittling knifes and small cutting tools. But if I'm feeling lazy or someone has asked me to do a load of things at once I do it with a belt sander or the sorby pro edge and finish them with my polishing machine (another bench grinder but with polishing mops on it).


>>36277 When I first bought a Dremel grinder, I didn't think I'd use it much but it could be handy for having around. Turns out it's become one of my more useful tools. I've never tried to sharpen a drill bit with it. No vice?... you got guts, Mr.


>>36276 I don't have the stone to do carbide but high speed steel (bits) I do fairly well. A good sharp file goes a long way for a lot of sharpening.


>>36277 We've all been there! XD


>>36274 I once sharpened a drill bit with at dremel just using my hands (no vice).. I still have my fingers but the drill bit is still useless.


>>36274 I haven't really tried sharpening modern jobber drill bits but I've sharpened lots of auger bits and a few forstner bits. I've also done many router bits.


>>0 Nice work. You pretty much summed up all the questions I had in your comments with Grim.
Do you also sharpen your own drill bits?


>>36255 Perfect! :)

(787.7 Kb, 1866x1497)

Found something similar. Thanks all!

PS: don't mind the dirty rad.


Thanks, I'll let you guys know if I smashed something or my fingers ;)

Give it try...you're only out the materials and time

>>36241 aluminum sheet like that cuts easy on a wood band saw. The tricky bit is getting your bends in there without a quality brake. With adequate backing and clamping you may be able to make something work at home. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEf9aFIOczU


>>36245 Time to convince your dad he needs a new hobby ;D


Yeah, a pita. But no worries, I'll think of something.

I wish I had your tools and shed ;)


>>36241 Not to complicated. You could probably make a more basic version with a vice, metal saw, dremel and drill, but it might be a pain in the arse!
If after a while you still can't get these let me know.

(47.5 Kb, 896x690)

It's a 120mm radiator bracket. I used to have 2 but they ran away.


>>36237 What does this bracket look like?

(689.6 Kb, 1200x1600)

Impressive skill with equally impressive tools.

ps: Do you do commission? I really need an aluminum radiator bracket but they are sold out :(


I do find myself sharpening a lot of things for other people.

The rests are cut and shaped from a few different bits of stock aluminium. I used a bandsaw, angle grinder, belt sander, drill press and milling machine, and maybe some other stuff I forget :)
I bought the nuts & bolts and the black levers that have nuts in them to allow for quick adjustments.
I took design ideas from the Veritas and Sorby bench grinder tool rests, but mine worked out much cheaper :D

(27.9 Kb, 460x344)
Dremeling away. Failure rate 10/11

Sweet. So I bet all your neighbors come to you? And also for your tool sharpeners :)

And how did you make those rests? Home made or outsourced?

I like the fancy Sorby, although a bit too expensive for me. Plus I have no space to place it. I bet it sounds great though? :D
All I have is a Dremel that I use at my parents garage.

(50.9 Kb, 517x517)

This is a Sorby Pro Edge in case you wondered.

(249.1 Kb, 800x1200)

(481.5 Kb, 1080x1440)

(575.1 Kb, 1080x1440)