Mark Zuckerberg – Dead At 36

– Says Social Media Sites Should Not Fact Check Posts


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But the batteries were out of juice.


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Did any article say whether his butt-plug was in or out for the funeral?


It must be true, I just read it on, and they would never allow fake comments!

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Not from the onion, so it's true.


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg – who died of coronavirus in his Californian home today – says it is not Facebook’s role
to be the arbiter of truth for everything people post online.

The billionaire tech whiz, who tested positive to COVID-19 last week before being admitted to hospital on Sunday, said
Facebook had a very different view to Twitter, which recently started fact-checking President Trump’s tweets.

“In general, private companies probably shouldn’t be in the position of doing that,” Zuckerberg – whose funeral will be
held next week – said in an interview with Fox News.

As tributes flowed in from across the world, Zuckerberg – who lists Adolf Hitler amongst his heroes – said people had a
right to hear a range of views and that censorship was anti-democratic.

He is survived by his eight children and three wives.

Authorities say the incest charges against him will now be dropped.