right, JC?

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>>36125 Yowza! Coming and going all in one stop!

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Who needs TP & cake?


>>36117 Ain't nothing like saving a few moments in the loo.
This virus may prove to teach some of the newbies how to cook.


>>36112 I think it's pretty clear the hoarders are mostly people who normally live day to day and don't think ahead. Sadly I see that as a symptom of a sick society.

>>36113 Well this explains why they need so many toilet rolls! I'm off to make of these right away. Better still I'm thinking maybe I'll use my router instead of a drill. The drill only goes 2,500rpm but the router is 24,000rpm!!! I'll save so much time :)

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Home made alternative

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Produce is pretty much cleaned out at most stores. It's strange that folks don't know that stuff goes bad fairly quickly. Yeah, potatoes and onions will last a while but not so sure if a family hoards a 20 pound bag. I honestly think they just don't know what they're doing.


Not much better here. We are stocked up on the regular, so the empty shelves hasn't really effected our household. We tend to go out, appreciate and observe the madness. Elderly neighbors and family members are all accounted for and stocked up. Kids are being transitioned to "distance learning" for school at home and we have three separate office spaces setup for the rest of us working from home. Not as easy to hide away here as it is at the office though


I noticed that too. I order the heavy stuff to my door considering I don't have a lift and live on the 3rd floor.

And in other news, I might need government support cause business has almost dropped to zero. :(


The madness is in full swing here now. I normally buy my food online and have it delivered because I can't get out to the shops easily. I looked to see if I can book a delivery in advance and both of the companies that deliver where I live are fully booked for 3 weeks!?! Normally I can book for the next day if I want to, but I usually book about a week in advance. Fucking madness!?! Thankfully I can survive for maybe 4 weeks with the food I have so hopefully some common sense will have kicked in by then :/


It's mostly stone & tile downstairs and wood upstairs :/
But I have plenty of grass outside :)

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You must have rugs everywhere?

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I'm still going to use the floor like a dog, but this will make an excellent alternative when in urban environments.