This. Why?

Most say the same: our service won't affect me.

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>>36140 Euro 95 is € 1.45 per liter :(

Normally we fill up in Belgium but the country is in full lock down and won't allow ANY foreigners anymore. Price there is €1.21/liter.


On the bright side: Gas is cheap. Now, the bastards do that when we can't go anywhere.


I've had so many emails from random companies telling me how they are protecting their workers etc. I don't work for them, why are they telling me!?!

We have a few limitations but Boris seems to be very slow in doing what needs to be done. I guess he wasn't great at maths in school :/

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Left 4 dead 2

Same here, except +5 people, and supermarkets are open in the early hours for the +70 years, then they [fumigate the shit out of it and*] reopen for the general population.
Hospitals and other medical facilities will no longer allow visitors, unless someone is dying.

Business is super slow, a lot of workers have hardly any work. However the companies still need to pay the employees. Because of this the federal/national government will financially compensate those companies. However some people will be fired.

*May not really happen


Our state governor just limited gatherings to 10 or less. Restaurants, events, schools and bars have been ordered to close. Some churches have closed plus normal businesses (without order) have closed. No rush hour traffic in Houston! Grocery stores remain open but I don't know how this new order of '10 limit' will affect them. Now I just read some air travel may be limited within the U.S. Everything is pretty much chaos.