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Or a meme world ;)


>>36133 They've already started. Mean, mean mean sons-a-bitches. It's a 'me first' world.


>>36123 I also fully expect to see the worst of society show how classy they are :/


>>36118 The generation that went thru the Great Depression and Dust Bowl here have all died out now. We don't know what it is to do without. This hoarding fear is a good example.
If it gets worse, before better, I'll not be surprised to see some gun fights happen.. we're nuts about our guns.


>>36114 It's really hard to know what the future holds, but we do know that most people are idiots and as soon as this dies down a bit they will just go back to their sad lives just as they did before. Governments also will speak of how lessons must be learned and how we must all make changes to be sure this can't happen again, but they nothing will change.
Rinse and repeat!


We're supposed to have the power of reasoning but stocking up on guns and ammo to guard a stash of toilet paper, leaves one wondering.
What good is a vaccine if you catch the flu? If a vaccine IS created, will the madness slow down? Since the H1N1 virus is still mutating and killing thousands each year, do we keep on cleaning out the shelves and restrict airline travel?
If you accidentally chop thru your gas line, I just may not be willing to come and repair it because you have a cold!
How many concerts will be cancelled from now on just because the flu is still out there doing its thing?


Very true :D