How's the weather on the other side?

Here's it's tropical and very humid :(

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>>35645 Solar panels will be fine to power air con, especially as it's generally sunny when you want to use it. The problem is it will increase the overall amount of power we use so we will need even more solar and wind power than we currently plan for.

There are so many roofs, especially commercial properties, that are perfect for solar but we need a government lead plan to get it happening, and that's where things go wrong :/


Yeah, in Deutschland it got hotter than in Nederland. Take that, Jerry. ;)

First they need to refit older buildings with anti-sun ray stuff like blinds/rolling shutters, double or triple glazed windows, air extraction systems that actually run 24/7 in the summer, not a flat roof on apartments but maybe a shallow pointed roof lined with solar panels, etc.

And lastly proper air conditioning.

Couldn't solar power panels power a single air conditioning unit?

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>>35643 Wow! I was watching a streamer yesterday who in Germany saying it was 42.5C in his house :S

It's going to be a problem that so many more people are going to need air conditioning which will require a huge amount of extra power and therefore heat the planet even quicker!?!

We really need to switch to sustainable sources of power and heat very quickly.

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Yesterday we broke the national heat record from 1944! The highest recorded temp was 40.7C in Gilze Rijen, NB.

Today, Friday, it has broken the heat record in my apartment with 30.5C! Yay :|
Top floor, flat roof, large single glass windows, and near a road doesn't help. I do have a mobile air conditioning unit but it's inefficient for the whole apartment.

If this becomes normal; we, the people, demand air conditioning!


Ugh! It's 27C here and it wasn't so bad until we just had a quick thunderstorm and now the humidity is through the roof :/
Thankfully it's gone sunny again so hopefully the excess moisture will evaporate away.

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so huge!

ugh, so high humidity.

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Only slightly more tolerable


>>35581 ugh, yesterday and today were 30C and only at 22:00h it started to drop a few degrees. Tomorrow should be a more normal 25C, still no rain though :(

And a shit ton of midgets/mosquitos! I'm covered and the itching is driving me to alcohol.


Well it's got a fair bit warmer here, 27 today with 65% humidity, but it's nothing like the 45+C that parts of Europe have got :/
How are you doing Grim?


It's a bit humid here but not very hot currently. It looks like it's going to be a pretty brutal week in mainland Europe :/

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So I added a bit of cooling.

Dammit wrong pic. Here's the right one.

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I still want to game or at least watch ..stuff.
So I added a bit of cooling.