Remap the left |\ key to another shift key
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0dd indeed. That being said the older software is a bit iffy. My Logitech racing wheel and pedals (2004-ish) were and are a pita to setup properly, like getting the full 360 degree rotation to work.

Honestly though, I haven't seen any program that worked flawlessly out-of-the-box.


I had an issue with the software for my logitech wheel and pedals writing lots of random shit in the registry, and then when I got the trackball recently I found with the software it kept randomly pressing the alt key and do the menu at the top of firefox kept appearing. Both very strange but definitely caused by the logitech software that came with them!?!


I have no issues with their software only with the weird layout of their keyboards.

What issue do you have?


This is a pretty useful little hack.
And registry hacking is always a better solution than installing and using any logitech software :D
(Seriously though why does logitech software always fuck things up that have nothing to do with the logitech product you bought!)


Works on all ISO-layout keyboards and doesn't affect ANSI-layout keyboards.