Updated My Trackball To A Logitech MX Ergo

My old trackball died a little while a go so I got by just using the touchpad on my laptop, but sometimes the touchpad just work as well as a mouse or trackball. The MX Ergo is pretty expensive, £73, but I'm impressed with the feel and quality. It works perfectly for games and 3D work where the touchpad just isn't ideal, and it's prefect on the arm of the sofa too where a mouse wouldn't work very well :)

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>>35335 And keep my coffee warm too!


>>35334 And while you at it, onboard memory would be great too.


>>35333 Yes, but with a trackball it does work pretty much like free scroll where as with a mouse you can only scroll so far before you have to pick up the mouse and reposition it.
I'm sure Logitech will replace the MX Ergo with a MX Ergo Mega Ultra Plus Turbo which will have free scrolling added for just £200 :/


That's not really the same though as every mouse has that 'feature'.


>>35326 It seems that the free scroll is already setup for the trackball, all you have to do is click the middle mouse button (scroll wheel) to enable or disable free scrolling on the trackball.
It probably says all that in the instructions but I prefer the brute force and stupidity approach! :D


I agree it's a shame it doesn't have the free scroll like the G502. I looked to see it any of the Elecom trackballs had it but I didn't find one that did :/
I read some one suggest you could program a button to switch the trackball to work as a free scroll wheel but I haven't looked in to it.

(8.3 Kb, 224x224)

I have 2 of those. One for my gaming rig, mostly for browsing, gimp, and office, although certain games work well too.
And the other one I use with my htpc.

They are much better quality than the previous version, the M570. And I also really like the programmable buttons.
The only gripe is that it doesn't have the free scrolling wheel like on the G502.

The price is high but it does have a battery instead of the dual AA the M570 had. It lasts around 2 months before a recharge, and even with the cable attached you can still use it. And the angle is quality ;)