New Desk

Out with crapea, in with new desk & chair.
The desk is electric height adjustable (from 70 to 130 cm). Finally a desk that doesn't wobble or is made from cardboard ;)

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>>35340 Never! It's too much of a mess :D


>>35331 Intriguing, post a pic of your workshop. Maybe we can spot something you didn't know where you left it :)


>>35329 When I see workshops like this I always feel so ashamed that my workshop is such a mess :D
But as a kid I always liked the mystery of going in to someone's messy workshop and seeing what cool stuff I could find.


>>35328 Wow, impressive shop


When you get older everything goes down ;)

Make it a DIY project; at least 2 electric motors, a control unit, and a lot of wd40, it should be easy. ;)


>>35324 I always hear streamers complaining about those racing chairs being uncomfortable, except the ones who are sponsored by a manufacturer :D

My former computer desk, and now my electronics desk, is a nice mahogany desk with leather top that my dad gave me. It doesn't go up and down though... ...yet ;D

(109.4 Kb, 584x1040)
Welded chair risk

"crushed your legs"
The lowest setting is a few centimeters too high to crush my legs. However if I raise my chair..
The thing that made cable management easy was not only a good tray but also raising the desk to the max height.

"racing chair"
I'm not allowed to race indoors, that's what mum always said. ;)
Besides those chairs are a gimmick.

I don't like to socialize and I dislike webcams.

Side note
A good chair/desk is a must as I (we) spend a lot of time on them. Same goes for a bed, couch, woman, sofa, (car) seats.


Nice! So how many times have you crushed your legs while screwing around with the height adjuster ;D
No racing chair? You'll never make it as a Twitch streamer like that! ;P
My office chair might need updating at some point, I've lent on the arms so much over the years, at least 20, that one has fallen off and the other wobbles. The rest of the chair is still very solid though, maybe I'll attack the arm bracket with my welder.

(764.0 Kb, 1161x2064)

The chair, a Score 5150 Large, is made for the something hulkier persons. A proper office chair, it replaced the crapea Markus.