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I still haven't upgraded any of my Win10 devices, but I've noticed network activity that makes me think it's been downloaded. I might force it at the weekend to avoid it fucking my shit up on Christmas Day!


Okay, the re-re-re-release should be all save now. Let me know if you run into any troubles :)

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>>35063 Cool, I'll be able to uninstall all the apps I've already uninstalled :D


Hopefully all will be solved in April when MS will roll out the 19H1 feature-update.

Some 'improvements' (if they work ;)
-Snipping Tool now supports window snip for easy screenshotting of app windows.
-Task Manager will now tell you which apps are scaling per-monitor or by system.
-You can now uninstall several more inbox apps including: 3D viewer, Groove Music, Movies & TV, Paint 3D, Snip & Sketch, Sticky Notes, Voice recorder.
-Windows Update has been updated with a new layout that brings forward several functions including pause updates, intelligent active hours, and more.


Wow! Will the problems ever end :/

Mean while on my alienware file explorer now refuses to see any of my network shares :(
If I scan the network from the command line it finds all the devices as usual. Usually I can get around it by using the IP address in explorer, a known bug in 1804, but even that isn't working.
All my other devices are working normally so I don't think it's a router problem.


Errorrr MS does not compute


Yeah, I wish MS would fix these basic things.

Still 1804 on all of mine.

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Windows 10

Windows and mapping network drives have always been a pita.

Example 1:
At home both my HTPC (W10H 1804) and my main PC (W10H 1809) have a mapped Synology drive, no issues.
Example 2:
At work only my dad's pc has a mapped network drive. I've been trying to map the network drive for ages and even sacrificed a virgin goat but it just doesn't work. :/

Btw, one of my pc's is still at 1804..yours?


>>35044 FFS! I was hoping MS would have fixed networking after screwing it up so much with the last update >:(

I have several computers with shared drives and I have no problem accessing drives on my router or raspi from win10, but trying to access drives on another win10 machine results in random periods where it just won't connect.

I hate the fact that I'm considering making my alienware a dual boot with unbuntu so I can use that for everything except games. Ugh!

Not me though

However some people might experience:
"Mapped network drives don't work in Windows 10, version 1809"



Just be grateful they removed the feature that deletes all your data ;D

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I noticed when cleaning the C drive that they added the Download folder and it's always marked.

So make sure if/when you clean your C drive either make sure you have nothing in the Download folder or simple deselect the box.
I really don't see the point with this 'feature'.


Hurrah! I wonder new bugs, err I mean features, await us.