Mad Brexit

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Bronn for Prime Minister!

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What ya think of governments, Bronn?

The Swiss will relocate in the Pacific ocean. They've had it with being landlocked. Plus now they can have a Navy. ;)

It all started with the Dutch, Belgium, and Luxembourgian governments started working together.
But I think turning back a few notches means defeat in their eyes.


"the Swiss are voting on their own 'Swissxit'" - Are they planning to leave themselves !?!? :D

The EU was a great idea but politicians being what they are couldn't just leave it be and had to force common currency and other things that made people feel they had lost their identity. I hope we can all see sense and turn things back a few notches, but I doubt that will happen. :/

Apparently memes are safe under the 'satire clause' but time will tell. Please send me a postcard when you find out, I'm not sure post EU puritan England will have memes, or the internet :S


And France & Germany want a European Army but the Dutch (our PM) won't, Italy wants their own coin back, the Swiss are voting on their own 'Swissxit'.
Is this the end of the Euro and EU?

Twas nice but lets go back to the old way.. No more one coin, no stupid EU rules, free memes & internet, etc


Well the Pound isn't worth much any more so we've been experiencing that for a while. Beyond that not much other than the government is in constant meltdown and people who voted for it are clearly beginning to regret it. The real impact won't kick in until the divorce is final.


Are you noticing something of this already? The Brexit not the Mad cow disease ;)

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No surprise to me :D