I've noticed..

..that my contract with the ISP has ended in June yet I still have an internet connection and they also still bill me (the same).

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Boris will have us using cups on the end of string if he has his way!

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Voot fur me!

You should get Dutch telecom services (KPN). But your next PM (Boris?) probably wouldn't like that.


>>34898 Damn, that's some speedy shit! :O

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GTA5 just 2 hours! But 1st work :/

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Small bump (up) for €25 pm, after 6 months €35, no cap.

Come here GTA5!


>>34885 Faraday's already dead, you don't need to keep him in a cage! Unless he's a zombie. *goes to check* Aaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!


Maybe I should create a Faraday cage around my PC?


>>34879 "Could it be that the gaming room and/or PC disrupts the signal?" - This is very likely, I see it when I use my phone or tablet computers around my laptop. PC's are electrically very noisy, and of course any radio signals from the PC are likely to be very strong. It all interferes with any radio signal from the phone.
I use that app on my phone too to check signal quality, It always makes me sad when I'm sat in some random place in the middle of nowhere and my phone has internet speeds faster than I can get down the phone line at home!?! :D

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2 meters away from the router

>>34875 To clarify, the first test, >>34864, was done in my gaming room with the door closed and with my computer (turned on) next to it. This test was done in the living room where the router also sits. Could it be that the gaming room and/or PC disrupts the signal?

Funny thing, one room over the gaming room is my bedroom and the signal there hovers between 2 and 4 bars but mostly sits at 2 bars.

Btw, this speedtest is for Android so you can see how crappy/good a signal is.


>>34870 Wifi can be an issue and fibre internet is still effectively shared bandwidth like ADSL was, although I haven't ever heard of anyone actually experience that problem. Speed tests are best done via Ethernet direct to the router. I must check mine again soon, the last time I checked the speed had got a bit better but my ISP want to check again soon and report back if I have further problems.

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Screenie of my Samsung J7 (2016)

And lastly the 4G speed, which is a lot better on down but the up is worse (than >>34864)

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Screenie of my Samsung J7 (2016)

Redid the same (speed)test at work. We have the same router (Experia Box v8). The big difference is that I live in an apartment with +10 WiFi signals around, while at work there are only 5 signals passing through the walls. At least that would be my educated guess.

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Screenie of my Samsung J7 (2016)

ugh..my router just borked. Had to do a hard reset but luckily everything works again.

Also just tested my phone's wireless connection..ouch. Good enough for Merlin but damn slow for maps.


Ah nice! Yeah, it will mos def be a good upgrade & investment, if not too expensive (like iPhone X or Nvidia 2080ti).

I remember I went from 13 to 24 Mbps..5 years ago or so. GTA5 (77GB) went from 13-ish hours to 8 hours. Now with 61Mbps it only takes 3 hours :D


I learned something interesting today. A neighbour a couple of doors up the road just finished converting their large garage in to a little flat. They just had BT install a phone line and internet. For some reason BT connected the flat to the fibre box at the village down the road, less than a kilometre away. The rest of the houses here are connected directly to the exchange in the other direction around 1.5-2km away. Everyone around me gets about 13mbps but the new flat is getting the full 40mbps!!!
We plan to try and get BT to connect us all, about 10 houses, to the village and not the exchange. I'll be surprised if it happens but it's worth a try.


>>34851 You can only push 100mbps over copper for very short distances. Speed drops off very quickly with distance :/


Derp, turns out after 2 years the contract will continue for ever until you want to switch. I didn't read the contract enough, thx dad.

Damn, that's a scam. According to a fellow inmate they can push 100Mbps through copper.


I pay for £24/m for the same service as you, but have limited speed due to BT being twats and not installing the fibre cabinet near my house.
I guess there is no point in a contract if the prices is the same, and if the priced changed you could change immediately as there is no contract period.


Luckily not..I pay €23,50 per month unlimited for 40 down 10 up.
Unfortunately the max I can get is 100Mbps down but the price won't justify the limited amount of stuff I download.

ps: I tried to extend the current contract for another year or so but it won't let me :S I guess if it ain't broke..


At least the price didn't go up after the contract term ended, it usually does here in the UK :(
Maybe you'll be able to find a better deal now :)