Insane temps for the Netherlands

These high temps will last at least till next week. :(

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>>34777 I'm pleased you've got a bit of a break in the weather. Bit cooler here and a little bit of rain today. Sunday and Monday look wet so I'm hoping I can get some work done outside before then :)


Whoohoo, We had severe thunderstorms on Monday to Tuesday and lots of rain. Temp is now a bit more reasonable at 27C.


I've had Thunderbugs in 3 different LCD screens over the years >:(
Thankfully none in my current laptop.


Ah yeah, we call them donderbeestjes (Thunderbugs). Apparently those are the fuckers that also like LCD screens and according to wikipedia only 7400 species are known.

High fucking temps of around 34C here. Although the nights are cooling off. Next Wednesday should be the tipping point; thunderstorms and rain throughout the day. Will keep you posted.


Thankfully not as warm last night :)
Not really many mosquitoes, but lots of little black 'Thunderbugs' (aka Thrips) :/


That's a bummer. Do you have lots of mosquitoes or midges in/near your house?


It was 25 here yesterday but stayed hot through the night :/


day time +30C, night time +/- 15C.. at least I can sleep now.
But the damn mosquitoes Are annoying.


Damn you with that coolness.


>>34754 We've had a couple of cooler days, around 22C, with a bit of rain, but it's expected to heat up again.

That's a nice lump of aluminium. The heatsink is the router is long and thin, about 100mm x 25mm as I recall. I think I can probably take a slice of an old cpu cooler and make it work but I'll have to mod the case to let it through. I'll add it to my list of things I might get round to one day.

(19.6 Kb, 605x403)
Like a smaller Streacom db4

Ugh, no change in weather, at least another 2 weeks of heat. It's now so bad here I need alcohol to sleep.

>>34738 120C? Holy crap that's hot. Still a beautiful all aluminum case would also be aesthetically pleasing.


>>34733 The specs for the cpu's used in routers show they can take up to 120C, mine is running around 90C which is only slightly higher than normal. I might mod the case and put a big heatsink on it if it becomes a problem.


Those thing need an aluminum case or at least a fan as they get toasty.


I don't if it was the heat but the router just completely shit it's pants!
I tried to reboot but it didn't work right so I had to let it all cool off for a while and thankfully this time it seems ok :/


Wow! It's 27C here today and thankfully only 23C in my house.
I've been wearing shorts for 4 or 5 weeks now, every day, I can't think when that has ever happened before :D

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And the current room temp :(

We really need airco if this becomes normal summer temps. Last year the highest recorded temp was only 28C.