I'm Off To The Moon :D

Bought a cheap plasma ball lamp and then made designed a retro rocket to fit the lamp in to. Pretty pleased with how it turned out :D

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The design was done with tinkercad.com
I used a gold coloured filament for the rocket and a white filament for the plume of smoke. I have big rolls of black, white, gold and silver and some short sample lengths of most other colours.
I'll have to buy some red filament :)

The Red Rocket garage is available on thingiverse.com to print out in many parts :D
The nice thing is the 3D model can just be extracted from the game and cut up for printing.
I may have to make this at some point :)

(405.9 Kb, 1500x1000)
Red Rocket!

12 hours of fun! More questions!
-What program did you use to make the design?
-Are all the used materials the same, or did you just buy different colors?
-Aaaand when will you paint the rocket red? ;)

(109.6 Kb, 597x740)

11 pieces and a total print time of 11 hours 45 minutes. The white base took the longest at 5 hours 30 minutes.

Originally I was thinking of doing a hand holding the ball but I didn't think it looked quite right, then I started thinking about retro rockets and liked that better.


Oh that looks so cool! Nicely done. How many pieces and how long did it took to print?