New version; Android Nougat


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Squid? ugh, sounds sticky.

I have 4 cats now..mostly lured with fish


>>34093 It's better than that bloody flappy bird game on the last couple of versions. Still waiting for my first cat to show up. The "game" on android 8.0 is a squid that you can drag around the screen. I was a bit disappointed. I wonder how many cats I can get if I do this on all 4 of my devices that are running 7.0 :D


Do you know the secret cat game inside android?!


Well, you know, the dude abides. As for the Jesus, nobody fucks with the jesus! Except 8 year olds of course. :D


>>34088 I must watch that film again soon. So good.

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Cool. I thought Nougat would be so different from Oreo but the Jesus has spoken..


Just got Oreo on my Nokia 8. Wow! It's just so the same ;D The only difference I can see is a new persistent notification to inform you of all the apps running in the background. At least it confirms Nokia's claim to keep the phone simple and up to date, no extra crap just secure and up to date :)


Sweet. It arrived today :D
Yes, 64Gb internal and up to 256Gb on SD, I haven't added an SD currently. It all seems to work pretty well. It's nice to have a fingerprint scanner for unlocking. Otherwise it's the same old shit :D

Now I have to build a rig like that :D

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Nice. Does it come with 64GB internal space?

You not gonna make a phone mining rig? ;)


>>34068 Waiting on delivery sometime in the next few days. I went for a Nokia 8 in the end. It seemed like the best compromise for my needs.
While I'm waiting I've been updating most of my other android devices, 3x Nexus 7's and the Xperia Z3 Compact, to custom roms running Nougat. All running very well :)

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Still works

You bought a phone yet?


Not sure what I'll get next. I like the OnePlus 5 but it's never in stock. The Huawei P10 and HTC U11 both seem pretty good too. I won't be bothering with a Pixel 2 or Samsung S8 as I don't think they're very good value.


Sorry to hear that, Brenda! What phone you have in mind now?


Well flip over and call me Brenda! The fucking phone has broken again. This time it's the antenna for the phone signal that's screwed up. I guess it must have got damaged when I took it apart :/
I tried fixing it but it's fair to say it's fucked, so the phone only gets a limited amount of signal now. Not much use a phone!
Fuck it! Time for a new phone! :D
This old phone will make a nice little touch screen computer for something.


It wasn't too bad. I first had to remove the back glass panel by heating around the edge of it with 150C air then gently pry it off. Then you can disconnect the LCD and repeat the heating and prying on the front screen. Fitting the new screen and back glass is a little tricky as the fitting the pre-cut adhesive strips to the glass and screen is hard to line up just right. Obviously I checked everything worked before I glued the front and back on.
I only got rid of my Nokia 3330 a few years ago. I should have kept it :D

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Just buy the new brick, it'll last 4ever!

How easy is it to replace a phone screen?


Little update on the phone. I got a cheap 3rd party screen for £20 but it was super crap. The LCD was only 4.3" instead of 4.6" like the original but worse still the screen was 2.34mm thick and there is only 1.89mm to fit it in!!! It's going back for a refund. So I got a good as new display from a used phone for £25 and I've just fitted it and all is well. How long it lasts is anyone's guess but for £25 I can't complain too much.

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Let it rip!

Good to ..'hear'.. not all is bad. ;)


Warranty is 2 years and the two phones combined lasted 2 and a half years. Pathetic when a top end phone can't last beyond 16 months with out needing replacement.
The router is working perfectly with the new firmware. The Alien also continues to work as it should.
I'll probably have a go at replacing the screen on the sony phone myself, it's not too hard, but right now I'm sick of the fucking thing so it can go sit in a corner and think about what it's done! Or I might plug it in to my PC and root it and play around with alternative firmwares for a while.
And my new HiFi is working amazingly! It sounds sooooooo gooooooooood :D
Mmmmm, walnut veneer speakers 8P'''

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Damn, you got no luck.. Wait, how long's the warranty in the UK?

And just curious, how's the alienware laptop and router doing? Did the firmware upgrade work?


I've finally heard from sony and they confirm they will not fix the phone. As far as they are concerned customers can go fuck themselves.
And so a long relationship with sony comes to end and like I do at the end of all relationships I will track them down and murder them... ...Err I mean I'll get over it and move on. Nothing to see here!
But seriously, Fuck Sony!

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>>33989 This human will tell you when Likes & Smiley-faces will happen on this site..


I wish I could click 'likes' and 'laughing-face' icons to each and every post, sometimes. You guys have some funny shit lingo going every once and a while.
The whole matter could be simply solved by bombing the fuck out of China, remove the tongues of everyone in India, and providing a good lubricant to me to go intercourse myself.

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>>33984 " What is it with you and shitty electronic devices?"
I know! My hifi broke a couple of weeks back too, but to be fair it was 24 years old and had a very hard life. And my router has been being a bitch lately too, but that's a firmware problem so I'm trying a 3rd party firmware to see how that goes. I've just spent all day sorting that out.


>>33982 Damn, sorry to hear. What is it with you and shitty electronic devices? First the Alien, now this.. ;p

Maybe you should buy the iPhone 9

(11.2 Kb, 480x360)

From a quick google search it seems the spam blocking is built in to the apps but 3rd party apps can make use of it too.

So today I pick up my Sony xperia Z3C to find that it has gained a touch screen problem over night. Just like the first Z3C I had :(
It seems this phone is only capable of lasting for just over 12 months before the touch screen fails!?! I first bought the phone 2 1/2 years ago so it's out of warranty, but in the UK we have a law that says all goods must be defect for 6 years, excluding wear and tear. So many people have had this problem with the Z3C that it's clearly a design or manufacturing problem so it'll be interesting to see if sony will do a free repair or replacement. I'm guessing they will try to refuse knowing that I'd have to take them to court to enforce it. I'm waiting to hear from a manager as the indian guy I spoke to had no understanding of european or uk consumer law.
Why does everything have to be shit these days? Why can't we have quality products :(

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>>33978 I'm not sure what you mean with " is it just the default apps or is it in the OS?", I mean how can I check that?
The only thing I know is that both the text Message app and the Phone app have it.

They now added an onscreen zoom button annex capture button. In the previous build I could only zoom in/out with the physical volume keys. And they added another capture onscreen capture button that you can freely place where ever you want.


I like the idea of call and text spam filtering built in, is it just the default apps or is it in the OS?
NovaLauncher has had the info bubble stuff for a while but nice that it's built in now.
Screen shot functionality varies from phone to phone but I think it was added to the OS in android 5 or 6.

(582.0 Kb, 720x1280)
app info

They have added 'Caller ID and spam protection' for both calling & text messaging.

Apps on the front screen will now show a handy info bubble when pressed on longer than a few seconds. The bubble will show 'Select multiple items', 'Remove shortcut', 'Disable' function, and 'App info'. And you can still move them of course.

You can now swipe from bottom to top to access the applications (rather than a icon). Swipe again and you return to the Home screen.

On my Galaxy J7 I can make screenshots while pressing both the volume down and shutdown button. Not sure if this function was there before the update as I never used it. I do know the Galaxy J5 (2016 & 2017 models) don't have it (Android 6).


Battery life is better. But I'm not a heavy user; just a bit of weather checking, finding a place/person, (s/t)exting, making lists. I would say maybe 5% more juice then before.

All because of 'Data Saver': "Background services are restricted from using data, and if some foreground apps are active they’ll be instructed to use less data. Background Apps and Foreground apps have different services running. They even have some priorities set allowing them to use particular amount of data."
They say that it does limit the use of certain apps but I haven't figured out which one.


OS update. It's not bad, tbh. I already got a bit used to 7 cause it's on my tablet, so it's not a big shock. Apart from visual change (icons, different layout of the settings) it isn't less or more better.

PS: They placed the photo widget in the store for free. But it's not the same, it has issues with cropping a photo :(


New phone or just an OS upgrade?
Pretty sure my Sony Xperia Z3C will be stuck on android 6 but I don't really care, android seems to get more restrictive with each version.

(1630.1 Kb, 1536x2304)
I said widget!

Fuck, they removed my favorite photo widget.