Choo choo!

Does my heating installation.

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Thanks for clearing that up and making a connection.


>>0 it's part from a lighthouse


>>33941 Of course I watched/listened to your video. I heard the fog horn sounds and reasoned the sounds coming from those ridiculous tuba-looking pipes.
However, I couldn't reason their 'shape'; whether it had to do with intake or exhaust (I'm guessing heat exhaust).
It's just a goofy looking shape.


I knew the Queen would get it sorted! :D

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Good job!

Success! This time they send a proper mechanic. He swapped some parts, fiddled with the gas mixture and voilá; no more fog horn sound!!

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And guess what, a mechanic did show.. at 16:50, asking for a reschedule cause it would take about 2 hours. I'm so fed-up with this bullshit. New appointment on monday.

>>33944 The dude did say that management doesn't know their own employees. They send 2 guys who didn't even check the gas/air mixture settings, and 1 trainee. This dude seemed more experienced with the type of heating in my apartment. Let's hope...

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>>33941 Sounds like they need to go back to basic training...

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>>33939 Did you see & hear my videos linked in this post, goodgrief?

Update: Was called early this morning that a marine mechanic would come between 15:00 and 17:00 hours. But alas nobody showed. Called, now they say it's tomorrow! Arghh!!!
Hajnadi is the company to avoid!


>>33939 Those horns are a pre-radar device for detecting incoming aircraft, but Grim is using them to symbolise the fact that his boiler sounds like a ships horn.


Not understanding those giant horns or what they have to do with heating problems.
Do they capture air?
Be kind of silly to be an air exhaust (shaped like that).


>>33936 Sometimes holes are a good thing.
Fingers crossed for tomorrow!


Was supposed to be called today, no dice. Called myself, part (which ever) comes tomorrow should be replaced hopefully the same day.

The magic the mechanic performed yesterday has warn off, the 2 holes that he 'fixed' created a fault in the system which in turn meant no hot water :(
Simply 'unfixed' the holes and a system reset and luckily I have hot water again, fog horn is back too though.

I'm getting really tired of this bullshit..


Apparently the dude wasn't very skilled as he needed to call for help. And by the looks of the 'stickers' on his arms he could be a would-be marine mechanic. He did replace the valve regulator which was broken. And manage to plug two holes that weren't suppose to be open, no homo.

Oh, I complain alright. Email, yelp ;) to them and my lawyer.
And I have the number of the service from the housing association on speed dial, I also have their standard email address and a personal I wish.. email address of a sweet young lady who helped me in the past :D

Owner? Nah bru, I don't rent in the private sector. These companies or associations are here for those who don't have enough money to rent in the private sector.
My current housing association owns a large portions of cheap rental houses, flats, and apartments in my province.
Translated site:


What kind of mechanic? You clearly need a marine mechanic for this one ;P
If I was renting I wouldn't touch it either, but I would have owners number on speedial to keep complaining until it was fixed. At least it isn't too cold yet!

Damn english is hard

>>33927 The mechanic was just here and even after phoning 2 more experienced co-workers couldn't find the source. However he did managed to turn the volume magic I guess.
Because I rent the place I'm not going to touch the damn thing, mostly because I have zero clues what any of it does but also the contract forbids it. Also I don't need to pay the mechanic, the housing association does that (they also give the order).

Jaws? ..damn it I ordered James Bond.


Sound like the Jaws Theme in the first link :D
It might be some air that pipes causing that. Maybe bleed the radiators if possible and there might be a bleed point on or near the heater itself. And keep and eye for sharks!


Aah, don't you just love the sound of ships in the morning?

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