Raspberry Pi Tank thread

I like Pi and I like tanks. So I'll try to make a self-driving, self-navigating tank. Small scale only ..for now ;) Prep & progress here.

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Have you opened it up, and see it's inners?


>>33261 That's a cheap HengLong like mine :D It'll be perfect for your needs. I wouldn't mod a Tamiya one either.

(2487.3 Kb, 4128x2322)

Found a cheapo tank replacement. The Tamiya tank was waaay too expensive.


Python is very popular as it's easily transferable between operating systems, and it's remarkably powerful too. I think you'll be able to find plenty of example code for python to help you with any projects of your own.


I just saw that Raspbian has Python..probably has others too but that's the first I saw.


>>33246 Most of my coding is in C, for Arduino, and Java, for Android, but Python is also very useful. Once you learn the basics of programming, If statements and For loops etc, you'll be able to use those skills in any language.


Talking about software, what programming language would you recommend?

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Thank you, I'll keep it in mind when I make my own 3D printer.

Things I have picked out but not yet bought (all in Dutch, sorry bout that):


>>33243 Stepper motors have very precise movement control, it's what's used in cnc machines. You can also effectively use stepper motors to measure movement. But this is all probably not required for your project.


Luckily Conrad has a shit ton of raspberry pi add-ons.

I think I'll start easy and if it works I'll gradually increase the difficulty. Maybe first add some cameras and ultrasonic sensors along with light modules. Coding will be a completely different quest.

Why would stepper motors be more accurate? The current ones are pretty slow plus I could program the max power usage, right?


You'll need sensors (maybe camera, IR or ultrasonic distance sensors, etc) and software to process the data and calculate the movement of the tank based on the outcome (there might be existing projects you can use or you might have to do some coding). And lastly you need to be able to control the tank accurately which might mean switching out the current motors for stepper motors.


Parts I have at the moment is a Tamiya tank and a Raspberry Pi 2b. Need to figure out what else I need.

Found a website with a few Pi-Tank projects. It has other projects too. Handy stuff.