Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS

I tried to install this OS on my htpc using a bootable usb and I was surprised it worked straight away!

However there is one thing that bugs me. Or I haven't figured out yet. I can't seem to access the shares I made on the htpc disk from windows 8.1, can anybody give some insight?

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I haven't experienced that. It could be down to a hidden windows bootloader or maybe a UEFI/BIOS setting.

Linux is far from perfect, but it isn't Windows so that's good enough for me! XD


One thing (well, a lot of things tbh) I do find weird.
I erased my laptop's ssd using diskpart on a different pc. After I put it back in the laptop I installed Ubuntu, yet every time I boot it gives me the 'choose what you want to do" screen (go to Ubuntu or wait 10 seconds, check the bios, and a few more choices).
While on my back-up PC it doesn't do that, it boots directly into Ubuntu. Even though I did exactly the same thing with diskpart.

I guess it because the laptop was originally a Windows device? It's an Asus ROG Strix low budget thingy.


Deleting Windows is always a good first step when installing Linux XD

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Well, I solved it by reinstalling Ubuntu again and deleting Windows all together.

But thanks anyway!


Also these may help...




Hmmm, seems like Grub isn't setup quite right. You could try installing and using the Grub Customiser so you can set it up correctly in Ubuntu desktop. You can even add an image for a background.


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Well, I thought after 9 years is was time to try Ubuntu again. This time installed next to W11..I know, I know.

For most of the time it works great. I lost the 'numpad-keys in the trackpad' feature but that's small stuff.

However upon cold boot I do get this error or 'feature'. Again not really as issue as I just time 'exit' and it goes to the OS selection screen. Still I would like it if I could go immediately to the OS selection screen. Ideas?


>>28654 I tried re-installing Windows 7 but the 7loader didn't work, so I needed something free. But I'm mos def going back to windows (8.1) for my future steam/htpc computer. However for now it will have to do.

>>28655 ugh, so much text. I think I'll just copy larger files to the external hdd, then to the htpc.


This may help...


Ah yes, the mistake you've made is installing Ubuntu. Try uninstalling it and see if the problem goes away ;P
Ubuntu may need some extra configuration to be able to read ntfs formatted drives, natively it'll use ext2 or ext3.